Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flash Back

Came back to India 31st of July.. Trip was good .. There was no problem. Hence then many things happened, have nt blogged anything..

One best things.. on my Mother's birthday (7th Aug) she wanted to donate some amount of money to my primary school, National Higher Primary School, in Basavanagudi. Which was one of the best schools in my primary days. Its teaches only in Kannada medium. Now a days not many students are joining the school because of English fantasy. Now a days very poor students are studying in the school. We went there at around 10 AM and donated some amount which would be used as fees for 2 children every year. Head Mistress Venkatamma ( aka VV) was very happy and intrduced us to National Eduation Society (NES) secretary. He was also very happy and gave us thankful send off. We felt very happy and satisfied.

I dont know what happens to me when I am in India. I dont find time to many basic things. Life tunrs to be very very busy and hectic when I am here. I used to blog every day when I was in US and also read many blogs. And this is the problem faced by many others too. So why do you think people get so busy when they are here ?

PS: I drove to Mysore with timmi last to last weekend. Would explain about it in next blog..