Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am Dad now :)

Ohh I can't believe am Dad now. Am I so old ... ahem not really !

We were blessed with baby girl on 2nd Nov 2010. She is changing our lives now. She is center of discussion now.

I am planning to start a blog for her. That will be my gift to her when she is ready to pick up blogging ;). She will have a legacy from birth for her blog ..

Another astonishing thing happening is most of my friends have become/ are becoming parents this year. So we are all creating generation now. I am really excited about this..

Congrats to my following friends for becoming new parents:

  1. Anil - Aruna
  2. Sushma - Gautham
  3. Sridhar - Shailaja
  4. Dhruva - Sri Lakshmi
  5. Sunil - Rekha (My BIL)
  6. Rudresh
  7. Kiran (2nd one)
  8. And more ..