Monday, December 10, 2012

Kalyani, my mom, my guru, my mentor

Amma, the word is as powerful as she is. She not only gave birth to me, she dedicated her entire life for mine and that of my sisters and our families.

She went through tough times on her childhood, she started to work for family at the age of 16. She started to teach, which is her favourite job. Unfortunately she could not continue her education due to family reasons.

She became teacher in one of the good schools and was enjoying her profession, till she left her job again because of family reasons.  She had married by then with kids.

She studied on her own and graduated as Hindi visharada. She also learnt astrology and had passed  examination. 
Tough time continued even later. She had to teach students at home, prepare home made food items and sold, she had to cut and stitch clothes of others for leading life.

She took providing good education for all 3 of us as challenge as she wanted us to become independent financially, socially and in all other means. She also wanted us to live in own house and so she struggled to make new home just by the time my dad retired, and she did it.

She had to get both my sisters married to good families and she struggled for that as well and completed that responsibility as well without any pointed fingers.

By the time I could take care of her she was already tired and diabetic had already weakened her. By that time she had already lost my dad as well. She was alone.

Then she got me a great wife. She knew how to handle things. She started giving me and Sowmya responsibility one after the other but still she was committed and dedicated for family. Without her advise and blessings I could not do anything, she encouraged me to build Madilu, without her I would have sold the plot. After Adya's advent, she started to enjoy life. She used to play with her. Adya loved her ajji too. Daily she used to ask whether or not she took her tablets.

By pulling heavy cart of family on rough roads she never forgot her social responsibility. She taught many of her students many of spiritual works. She wrote a book on Lalitha sahasra nama. All the books got sold out and still more requirements. As an astrologer she helped many people in their lives. As a counsellor she helped many demotivated souls, many came to her to discuss their problem.

On the festival day of her beloved Godess, Lalitha parameshwari she decided to take a leave. The leave that one cannot imagine, in front of all her beloved students, in front of all her children, in front of her beloved Goddess Lalitha. The leave that took place, 5 min before which the entire home was in celebrating mood.

I know Amma, you were tired. But we still need you, I know you will always be  within us and helping us in each step we keep. Every moment we think, that if Amma was there what she would have done , what she would have suggested. Your memory is our life now, your life is guide for us.

Amma, you did not give any chance for us to pay back, until the last breath you ran  show on your own. Please give us the courage of leading life with such bravery, kindness, tolerance, intellect and thoughtfulness, that you adopted in your life. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Leveraging Android - Part 3 - What's the meaning of Rooting the phone

Prequel posts  Part1   Part2

What's the meaning of Rooting phone

I am not an Android developer per say, but I understand the concept in layman terms. When you say rooting phone, you are getting more powers on your device. Powers!! yes you read it right. More powers. So what you mean by more powers.

To understand it better we need to understand Security concept a little bit. Android is Linux based operating system. Linux is much more controlled environment. Role based permissions can be set for different actions on the operating system. Its like, at your office, who can enter which area of the office. Not everyone have access to server rooms and neither to finance departments etc. 

In similar way within Linux you can fix up the permissions. So in Android. Having root access makes you the BOSS of your device. All the applications (apps) can be considered as your folks reporting to you. Any app wants to have any special permission to read/ write in system folders, or any "not-normal" thing, Android will intimate BOSS, that is you, saying so-and-so app wants to do so-and-so, you want to allow. How cool is it. You can say yes, no, remember this selection and always allow him to do that job etc. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your phone

  • As you have already read, above, it allows you do more things than you could have done on a non rooted phone
  • It makes you the BOSS
  • More control on your device. You can overclock and undervolt your CPU (Will explain in future posts)
  • Some cool and important Apps like Titanium Backup need root access.
  • You can browse entire system file systems. Usually you can only browse anything in /sdcard and /external_sd only. Once rooted apps allow to browse started from "/". which is called root folder. 
  • You can play around and Tweak CPU (Central Processor), GPU (Graphic Processor), Touch sensitivity  and many other hardware related entities
  • You can install some cool custom ROMs (I will explain about ROMs in later posts) example: CyanogenMod
  • It might void your manufacture warranty 
  • Once you are made BOSS Android expects you to take care of vulnerable risks. So you need to be more careful
  • Apps can actually do anything and everything. They can influence the hardware as well. So risk of damaging your phone might be there
How to Mitigate risk
You can always unroot your phone. So that you reduce the impact and root it back, when needed :) 

How to root your Phone
There are multiple ways to do it and depends on your device. Mine is Samsung Galaxy S2 and I followed the steps explained in following thread . Other devices should have similar way. Please search in google or in XDA.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Leveraging Android - Part 2 - Apps

My favourites

1. Hot pursuit, need for speed
2. Temple run
3. Sprinkle
4. Triple town
5. Cut the rope

1. Power amp. Love the features, lock screen controls etc
2. Far burst cam - wow, lovely
3. Pic say- handy tool for quick edits
4. Fish bowl gallery - nice tool for slide show
5. MX player. What a lovely video player
6. Skifta. Amazing tool for dlna streaming
7. Screen cast. Screen video capture tool

Powerful tools
1. Tasker - what can I say about it. My most fav tool too control entire phone based on various situations. I will write separate post for this
2. Titanium backup - excellent backup tool
3. OS monitor - gives OS level details
4. ES explorer - powerful explorer and editor
5. Aldiko - fav book reader
6. Dropbox -.need any explanation?
7. Evernote. Amazing note taking app with cloud backup with PC tool and Web based support as well.

1. Facebook - app is horrible, do I use FB Light
2. Google plus
3. Flip board. What an amazing magazine like social app. Integrates almost everything
4. Google chat
5. Skype
6. Whatsapp
7. Viber
8. Tapatalk - forum based discussions

Network tools
1. ANDftp - my fav ftp client
2. Folder sync - folder syncing with phone local with remote folder. Love this tool
3. 2X client- remote desktop connection
4. Blogger - using this tool to write blog posts

Office stuffs
1. Touch down email client for outlook mails and calendar
2. Lync for Microsoft 360 chats
3. Polaris for office documents

Some of the above apps are paid apps
Some of the above apps need root access (Explain in future posts)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Leveraging Android - Part 1


After my successful series of "Build and Make" which talks about building and making your home, now let me write something on Technology side. It's about Smart phones and more specifically on Android. I will try to share my experience, knowledge and interesting links in this brand new series called "Leveraging Android"

Enormous Growth

Smart phones have now really grown into big banyan tree. We have seen Android growing almost from no where to what we have now. The open source community have contributed  much more for this catalytic growth. It has almost beaten the Apple in such a short span of time. We have seen many Android vs iPhone comparison articles, videos(Link) and what not. But at the end, smart phone users are at receiving end. Technology have grown so big that you can think of anything you have it on your hand, literally. :)

My Experience

My first Android experience started from my beloved Samsung Galaxy 5. Very small phone on hand and running on Froyo. I was mesmerized with Android OS and immediately had fallen love with it.

I had it for 18 months and sold it, before I bought my current fascination Samsung Galaxy S2 (post). Before I sold, I had put my hands into deeper and had tried rooting, flashing and upgraded my OS to Gingerbread. I was so happy the day I had Gingerbread on my Galaxy 5 phone. I could tether my 3G to my laptop. That was the coolest feature I had ever seen.

Oh! are you murmuring! "Wait a minute,step back, don't talk Greek and Latin?" What are these jargons - Rooting, Flashing, Tethering etc ? Even I did not know them. I started reading XDA Forums and learnt about each of them slowly. That's when I realized how many tech geeks and maniacs out there.

Apps and Widgets

Anyone who starts to use the smart phone (of course little more than making and receiving calls) would know what apps and widgets are. App is acronym for application. Widgets are live elements on your screen which provides more details without you launching the app.

Apps make the world of Android so much interesting and happening. I will have separate post on my favorite apps

Usually widgets are part of apps.

  • Weather Widget will provide the current weather in specified location 
  • Clock widget will show the time in specified time zone
  • Photo frame widget displays a bunch of photos one after the other

Let me wind my first post now and continue later.. Thanks for reading

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Samsung galaxy S2

( This is old news, but had not blogged on it.. which I think is very important )

Sowmya's another memorable gift to my birthday, Samsung galaxy S2. There was already news about S3 but I did not see 10K more worth than S2. So decided to stick onto S2.

The moment I got phone on my hand, I just fell in love with that. The slimness, the appearance wow. Great!!
I got it with ICS 4.0.3 stock ROM. Pretty decent.

Thanks Thimmach for a lovely gift. Will put more posts on all the exploration I have been doing on my S2.

More details

I bought S2 on 19th May 2012 from Planet M -Uttarahalli Main road. The guy was good and deal was closed for 26.5 K. No one was quoting anything less than 28K at that time.

S2 Features: (GSM Arena)
1.2 GHz, 1GB Ram, 4.3 inch 480x800 pixel AMOLED display, with corning gorilla glass.
16 GB internal memory with expandable external memory till 32 GB.
8MP main camera and 2 MP front camera


Friday, August 17, 2012

Pondy day 3

Previous posts

Plan, plan contd
Day 1
Day 2

Early morning walk and disaster
Morning I got up early and wanted to go for a walk with my camera D40, along the sea shore. Fisher men were fishing. Captured few good shots and while coming back there was a boat was in my way, instead of waiting with some Patience I took route little deep into the sea, there was a big wave came in and I fell down along with my camera. That was the last moment of my camera. I lost it :(
Immediately I took off the battery and kept out in sun for few hours.

After coming back to Bangalore have to Nikon but no use., also gave it to 3 rd party repairer, but still no use :(

Adya first swimming
After break fast, we all decided to jump into water in the swimming pool. I took Adya into water, it was sunny day and just three of us in the pool. Wow couldn't believe our eyes, Adya enjoyed and started swimming reflexes. We all loved the moment

Started from there at about 12 after quick lunch. On the way back home, we visited auroville. Evening snacks at Vellore. Reached home by 11.

Great trip but with a loss of my favourite buddy and lovely gift by my love Sowmya

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pondy day 2

Second day we started after break fast. Plan was to visit Aurobindo ashram. Chaco la, MG road and other site seeing places. But the time we started it self was late and reached ashram during lunch time. It was closed. Saw it from outside.

Paradise island and Chunnambar boating
Later we went to an island called paradise island. To reach there one need to go through boating from Chunnambar.It was so nice place that I can't explain using words. Just loved the place, one side sea and the  other side sweet water

Came back  from island by 3 and had lunch and went to mg road. As it was Sunday, there were so many vendors had come from many places. Nice shopping we did.

At last we visited a Ganesha temple near by and headed back to resort.

For all the navigation, I had taken my Samsung galaxy tab. It was so useful with GPS on

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trip to Pondy - Day 1

Trip Planning

Day 1
We  started on 24th Mar 2012 from home very early 5:30 AM and took the below route.

Route URL

Route on Map

Reached Vellore by 8:30 AM. Had breakfast and visited golden temple. It was very calm and no rush at all as it was Saturday. You need to walk a lot to reach main temple. But once your reach, the ambiance is awesome. Temple is amidst of water. Very nice.

Started from Vellore towards Pondy by 10 AM and reached pondy by 1PM.

St James Court Beach resort was easy to locate on the ECR road. Checked in and had good lunch. Food quality was not that great. But could manage.

My review on this resort on Tripadvisor

Evening, we went to beach, which is just walk down form the resort. Adya and Sowmya enjoyed beach a lot

Headed back to room ordered some dinner. They took very long time to prepare. But it was 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Trip to Pondy -Planning-Part1

The plan started sometime in Jan2012. We wanted to go somewhere after Adya's birthday. Sowmya always wanted to visit Pondy. We decided the destination as Pondy. Did some research on trip advisor and found st James beach resort seemed to be good. A booked there on the month of Feb.

Unfortunately Adya fell ill few days before we should have started. I called and requested them to postpone the booking by a month. The manager told it would cost 10% of night's rent. I tried to explain the situation and at last she agreed to postpone without any extra. I had called her almost a week back.

I had booked for 2 nights

Car and route

We had decided to go in Jukka's car. Had already requested the vehicle.

Shortest Route from Bangalore to Pondy is thorough Tiruvannamalai. However roads near Tiruvannamalaiis horrible. So as per suggestion in team bhp I decided to take following route.


Even though this route is 50 km more, I thought it was better to take good roads keeping in mind that I am taking small kid.

Places in Pondy
After quick research following the places we wanted to cover

1. As it was beach resort, I had planed to spend good amount of time in beach near resort itself. I had read Pondy city beach was horrible.
2. Pondy shopping at MG road.
3. Aurobindo ashram
4. Central park
5. Auroville

Will write more soon

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip to Pondy

A wanted to go travel desperately. We had never gone anywhere as Adya was still very small. We are planning since Jan. But it materialised only in the month of march. We had planned in Feb but Adya feel ill few days back out travel. So we moved the schedule by a month
Few days of research on trip advisor I found st James beach resort to be good for accommodation. We had decided to drive. To save some sum, I requested Jukka for her car. Indica was the car. She happily agreed do that her car runs few miles.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's up folks

It's been quite a while that I have posted. Caught up with many things. Many things to share. Following are the topics I will write on, in few days

1. Trip to Pondy
2. S2 gift
3. Trip to ooty, Mysore
4. Exploiting S2
5. Sedan research
6. Of course Adya updates

Ok guys catch you soon

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hirekayi bajji

Kadalebele, uddin bele huridu kolluvudu, 1 cup each

Put following to mixer
1. Hurida belegalu
2. around 10 green chillies
3. 2 cut hirekayi
4. Turida Kaayi
5. Hunase hannu, small unde
6. Uppu
7. Small piece of jaggery
8. Swalpa arishina
9. Jeerige

Put it to a bowl and cook for 10-15 min.