Monday, June 18, 2007

Soul Weight - Does human weight depend on his consciousness ??

History: I was discussing about 'mass' and 'weight' with my wife, Sowmya and my brother in law, Sunil. It came up when physics topic regarding acceleration due to gravity was being discussed. Near earth's pole our we weigh more and near equator we weigh less. It suddenly struck me and asked 'Why dead body weighs more as compared to when he was living?'.

Sowmya: Air goes inside body and air weight increases the body weight.

It made lot of sense and it was a consensus.

My theory was: Human weight depends on his consciousness. By mind's power he can generate a force against gravity and thus he weighs little less than actual weight. When he dies, the weight immediately increases a little, i.e. before even air occupies the body. This also gives a support for those stories where we hear people can sit and walk on water.

Sunil: Body's weight is not at all dependent on consciousness.

Very interesting topic huh !

Your thought ??:

Please do let me know what you think in this theory??

Today I was googling on body weight and related topics. Did not get anything on these lines, but I got another very interesting article, which tries to prove that Human Soul has weight :-)

Reference: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Religion (Soul Man)

In the above link, Dr. MacDougall tries convey following on the basis of his experiments with dying people:

1. Human Soul has a weight of 3/4 of an ounce
2. Only human beings have souls and no other animals do. He tested on Dog and he draws the verdict
3. He also tries to captures Soul's photo using X-Rays
4. He claims Soul to be a Physical substance

Hindu Philosophy:
As we all know Hindu philosophy has explained a lot on 'Atman' - The Soul. Some of the points derived from Hindu Philosophy which contradicts Dr. MacDougall's theory:

1. Atman is niraakaara (Formless), nirvikaara (unchangeable), nirguna (No Attributes), anaadi (Birth less) and ananta (Endless). This contradicts that Soul has any weight, colour, visibility, Form. So this completely contradicts, that soul is a physical entity

2. According to Dwaita siddhanta Atman has 2 forms, Jeevaathma and Paramatma. Jeevatma is the one which gives life. Or it can be considered as Life. So it clearly contradicts, that animal does not have soul. All living beings has Souls

Please share your thoughts..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Around Kanyakumari - Sucheendram and Thirparappu Water Falls

.... Continued from Previous post

Monday early in the morning, after watching the Sunrise, we had got ready by around 10 AM and visited Devi temple again. It was very beautiful. Finished our breakfast and looking some way planning the rest of the day. At this time, an auto driver approached us and offered to take us around Kanyakumari. I had in mind to visit, Sucheendram temple, Thirparappu and Nagercoil temple. He asked Rs. 1000.. Oh my God. It was very costly for an Auto. But I never expected, that I can cover all these places in Auto rickshaw. I always had in mind to take the a taxi, which would have costed me around Rs. 2000/-. Thanks to Auto driver for the idea.

So, started negotiation, and he came down and we fixed for Rs. 600 for the entire days' program.

First of all we went to Sucheendram. The temple of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Very big temple. You also find very big idol of Hanuman.

From there, we started to Thirparappu water falls, on the way our driver took us to a bridge, which is used to carry river water from village to another. Amazing idea and superb construction. Look at the pics.

We had some snacks and juice and started towards falls. This falls was not so huge, but the water force was too much. We enjoyed there for about an hour and headed towards Nagercoil.

Visited nagar temple and it was also very calm and beautiful. Came back to Kanyakumari at around 5 in the evening.

It was very successful trip for us, it went very well according to our plans. :-)