Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why and How to Showcase your photographic work

Have you realised that garnished food, presented in an attractive manner tastes much better or maybe you feel more like eating it, compared to much tastier food which is not well presented! Well, We like things which are presented better. We consume and adore things which look good.


The key is "Presentation".


Why not presenting your own photographic work. Photo Exhibitions don't confine to only professional photographers. Upcoming, hobby, part time photographers can also do it. Here are few points WHY you should show case your pictures and HOW to do it in much easier and economical way



Why to showcase:


1. Awareness of your capabilities:

By showcasing your photos many of your friends, relatives and guests would start  associating you with photography and they will have an awareness of your strengths.

It also works as an advertising strategy. You can have a signature in all your images which builds a brand of your own. This might be one of your steps in marketing.


2. Get motivating energy to sail forward:

When people appreciate your photographs, you get inspired to work towards bigger journey. A Pat on the back is always needed


3. Promotes improvements:

When presented  to the world, you can see how others perceive at your pictures.

Haven't you got some shots which you feel very good, but others don’t feel so. Also you might have average pictures as per you which many others like a lot. This generates new ideas which you can use for further creations.


4. It decorates walls:

It may be your walls or others, your photographs can decorate them. Think about it !


5. Making money:

Of course when you exhibit, there may be few people who would love to buy them or may give an opportunities to work for their creative needs.



How to Showcase - Easy way:


Its good to have Big exhibitions, Photo magazines etc, but those might not be for hobby and semi professional photographers. So here are few points how you can showcase your photographs easily and  in a  much economical way!


Online is good, faster and easy way to showcase your pictures. Photo-blogs, Online portfolios and Web sites, photography clubs surely will help to do so. And most of us are also doing it.

However I feel printing your photographs gives completely a different and better approach. People see your photos and feel them better when printed than on screen. Following are few ideas which you can adopt.


1. Hang them on your own walls:

* First be proud of your photographs and decorate your own walls with them. Frame your own photos and display all over your home and office. Your guests and colleagues might ask for few prints or look for your service.


*   Setup a pin board to showcase your best photographs. Print them on paper and collage them on to the board. It is not expensive, yet gives a great impact. Show them to your friends and visitors 


2. Gift your photographs:

You would have occasions where you have to gift something to your dear ones. Why buy from shops, you can gift your pictures. I am sure they will like it.


3. Create a portfolio:

Create a printed portfolio album in bigger size and keep it in your magazine stand. Let your guests and friends have a look at it in leisure.

You can also keep an album of your best shots in your car and let you co-passenger view at it while driving.


4. Make few free photo shoots:

Why not offering few friends a free photo shoot. What you need from them is their time. Give them beautiful pictures, frame few best shots and I am sure they will show case it further on your behalf.


5. Another way showcase is to print your pictures on T-shirts, Tea mug  and  what not.



Note: These are some of the ideas I personally thought. These are not the only ideas for showcasing your work.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Psychological evolution

Few days back, my niece, Gowri and I had a discussion on human psychological evolution over period of time. She had to prepare some contents around that subject. That was the topic for her mini research. Physical evolution of human - we call know Darvin's theory. Survival of fittest etc. But they also believe that there is psychological evolution as well.  My sister, jukka was also involved in the discussion.

Gowri's point was we are evolved psychologically  to a very high level. But I had another thought. Even though we have technologically advanced we have not evolved psychologically. Let's see different areas of life:

1. Social Life: I think we have actually regressed in social life. We have stopped meeting people and without meeting people I dont think we can have emotional attachment with them. So definitely with the age of Facebook, G+ etc, we have not evolved Psychologically. 

2. Family Life: We have started to live in more and more divided families rather than joint families. I think that is a regress in family life

3. Education: Gurukul system was the best and was enabling students in various skills. Now a days kids are so much dependent and not multi skilled. They go to school to pass exam and to get good marks and forget their leanings later. This is surely not an evolution.

There were so many other points we discussed. Please share your thoughts..


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Very funny statement

This morning I read a news article which says: congress thinks that international powers are involved behind Anna's movement. They have asked to investigate more on that. They think US is involved. Congress thinks Anna being such a weak individual without even an organization could have not pulled these much people support.

This is very hilarious. Congress should at least understand Anna is not a terrorist, but a social reformer. Indian aam aadmi always supports for good cause and we don't need US or any other international powers for us to push.

Or even if they support anna its only for his intentions. Congress instead of working towards anti corruption acts, they are just making non-sense statements and getting into traps.

Dear congress targetting Anna will always come back to you as boomerang. Beware of any actions you take.

bhrateeya aam aadmi

Thursday, July 07, 2011

A chocolate story

This morning, on the way to office, I was waiting in one of the trafffic signals. A six-to-seven-year boy came to my window and knocked car window pane. He was hanging some God's photo to his neck. His faciapl expression was very pittyful. He begged with his empty bowl. I felt very sad that this boy is begging at the time when he should be going to school and playing with mates. I took few moment to decide whether give some pennies or not. After few seconds he knocked my window again raising his bowl. I usually don't encourage beggars unless I am convinced that the person is really deserving.
This boy seemed to me as a deserving and instead giving money, I gave a chocolate I had. He took it with sad face and went to the car behind mine. I just observed with curiosity. For my surprise the six-year chap took chocolate from his bowl and with out eve seeing what it is, threw that under the car and went ahead begging
I don't understand what made him to throw the chocolate ! What you think ?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

HDD crash

I got a new Windows 7 laptop last month from office. Dell laptop with 4 GB ram and 250GB HDD and 2.8 GHz intel duo processor. Hi-fi config. Loved it.

For some reason last week, I got a weird sound while HDD was accessed. The next day it just hung. When re-booted, I got an error saying no boot device found. Alas, my HDD is gone. I lost data of almost 40 days. Some are project related and some are adya's pics. I used take back up every week with old laptop. But as this was new I had not yet started to take back up yet. Never expected such an early mess up.

Anyway, HDD has been given for data recovery, hoping I get back all lost data.

Please pray for me so that I get all Adya's pigs

Friday, July 01, 2011

Called 100

Have you ever called 100 number in your life. I recently called 100, the police number.

It was a love saturday evening, we were coming from Shopper's stop bannerghatta road towards our house on JP nagar ring road. After crossword the traffic had piled up. I thought, it was normal traffic. It was around 8 PM. After 5 - 10 min we realized that we had actually stuck in very bad traffci jam. It took around 45 min to reach 6th avenue junction. Initially we though there could have been an accident or some heavy vehicle stuck in mid road. Later we realized there was no such problem. At 6th avenue junction there a major chaos. Vehicles were stuck in deadlock positions. Only reason was that there was no police constable to control the traffic.

I came out of horrible maze, which was still a chaos. This time I wanted to do something for this. I called up 100 and informed about this. The lady on the other side acknowledged the issue and immediately floated the info to police walky talky. I could here response from concerned inspector as well saying he will send someone. I was so happy.

I felt happy that I could work towards a solution, instead of just cursing police guys.


Friday, May 27, 2011

A Video Tutorial for Adobe Interactive form using SAP ABAP Webdynpro

You can use this as a step by step guide to create Adobe interactive form from SAP ABAP Webdynpro

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New life

Oh man never thought it would be so different. My entire life is re-aligned. Day to day activities have changed. We are all revolving around my angel

First 5 months both mom n daugter were in my in-laws place. At that time I used to shuttle to their place, office and home. That was daily. If there was some delay in visiting her, she doesnt used come to me.

In the 5th month we named her Adya. Sowmya and I did lot of research and found that Adya is what suited most.

Now she is home. Will write more about her in next post


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tak tak tak

Someone there??