Friday, October 19, 2007

Trip to Ooty

We had been to Kadaltheeram beach resort in Feb this year through Artha Health Options. I have given more info about Artha in this post .

As a second trip, Sowmya and I had decided to go to Ooty. We planned this trip sometime in 2nd week of Sep 07. Booked hotel through Artha. They booked Hotel called Sunshine Inn which is in Coonoor road. I booked travel for Oct 6th to Oct 8th - Delux bus from KPN travels, which starts from Bangalore at 10 PM and reaches Ooty by morning 7 AM; and starts Ooty at 9 PM and reaches Bangalore at 5 AM. This bus is daily and very convenient. I booked bus tickets over internet. During our trip to Kanyakumari also we had booked KPN bus. I feel it very comfortable.

After I booked everything, suddenly there was a very important meeting that spurted at my office on 8th Oct. I called Artha and asked for pre-ponement, for which they did not oblige. Then I directly called Sunshine Inn and explained this problem, he was very polite and obliged for the request. He told I can use the same voucher for the stay from 5th Oct to 7th Oct. As it was non-season it was doable.

We started Thursday night 10 PM from Bangalore and arrived at Ooty on 5th Oct, Saturday 7 AM. Checked into the Hotel Sun Shine Inn. We were very tired as the Mysore to Ooty road is pretty bad. It was as if we were sitting in a swing. We slept till 9AM and then had dosa as break fast. Hotel folks asked whether we want to take a city sight seeying. As we did not have anything in our plans, we took it. He charged 150 per persons and took us around Ooty and Conoor. We saw Dodda Betta, which is highest view point, Botanical garden, Ooty lake in Ooty. We took peddle boat there. In Conoor he took us to Lamb's rock, Sim's park and to tea estates. As road to Dolphin Nose was broken we could not see that. Trip was pretty good. In the middle he parked for lunch at a decent restaurant. By evening, the temperature dropped heavily and I started catching fever. The most dumbest mistake we had done was, we had taken any warm clothing excepting a shawl. It was a very bad night for me. I had taken some paracetamols, which saved me that night.

Next morning: 06-Oct-07, Saturday

Woke up late, got ready by 10 and we wanted to go to Conoor by famous Toy train. There are 3-4 trains everyday from Ooty to Mettupalyam. Conoor station is in middle of these two cities. We took 11:15 AM train to Conoor. It reached Conoor by 12:15. The train is very small and has only 4 compartments. The seating arrangement is also very different. Ticket charge is Rs. 5 from Ooty to Coonoor. The scenic beauty, the tunnels and hair raising bends are all un-explainable. You feel as if you in Disney world. If you remember Dil Se - Chaiyya Chaiyya song was shot on this train itself. The maximum speed of train is only 30 KMPH. Its such an amazing experience.

At Conoor with some difficulties we found a decent Hotel. Had lunch and thought of going for some shopping. We hardly could find good place there to shop. We thought waiting for next train back to Ooty, but we did not have patience. So we took bus and reached back to Ooty by 3 PM.

There is a Wax museum in Conoor road just beside Sun Shine Hotel. We visited that. Its not that great. But they have started recently and still improving. Went back to room and rested for rest of the day. Suffered by fever again at night. Saved by paracetamol. :-)

Next day: 07-Oct-07, Sunday.
This was last day in our trip. In Bangalore we were thinking of going to Blank Thunder water park. But it is near Mettupalyam which is around 60 KM from Ooty. More over the weather was not suitable for water games and hence we skipped that idea and took another Sight Seeing for the day which they call it as Filmy Chakkar.

Even for this tehy charge 150 per person. It started at around 10 AM. In this trip, they took us on Mysore road towards Pykara. On the way we saw places like 9th Mile, 6th Mile, Pine trees and all the beautiful places where many Hindi, Kannda and Tamil movies has been shot. Guide explained very nicely. At the end he took us to Pykara Lake. This lake is very big compared to Ooty lake and it is natural where as Ooty lake is man made. Shooting is not allowed in Pykara. We ganged with other 3 pairs and took a Motor boat. The experience was really good. Had lunch there it self. Then he took us to Pykara Falls, which is not too far from lake. Falls is very broad and has multiple level falls. Water is calm and scenic beauty is very nice. Spent around an hour there and head back to Ooty.

Got down near Ooty market. Place is called Charing Cross. We shopped some items like pain oil, eucalyptus oil, some clothes, shawls sweaters etc. Head back to room had dinner and boarded the bus at around 8:30 PM. Reached Bangalore by 5 AM on Monday morning.