Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another Wild Pic

Another Wild Pic
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This one is another wild pic.. Can you guess whats this ?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go Waynad

Hurray!!! Yet another outing ...

This has been in plan since 2 weeks. Now almost confirmed that we are going for a trip to Waynad, Kerala. You must be thinking which gang is it right?? Its IBM gang.. Planning to leave bangalore on Friday night and come back on Sunday night..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thinking Wild

Thinking Wild
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I took this shot last sept .. I was turning very wild and mad becos of

lonelyness.. Guess whats this ??

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Gowri Rangoli

Gowri Rangoli
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I think most you know my niece Gowri. She had recently participated in a

rangoli competition conducted by ISKCON.. She got second prize for this


Congrats Gowramma... Keep it up ..

(See attached file: DSCN9888.JPG)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Yahoo with Voice

Hi Guys,

I installed Yahoo Messenger ver 7 with Voice.. Its really good.. Why dont you try too ..

Friday, August 19, 2005

Pak w/o Mysore

recently we had been to a restaurant for lunch. Orderd some Jeera Rice.. Here goes the conversation:

Ram said .. hey man whats this there is no Jeera at all in this Jeera Rice ..
Immediately Aravind replied.. Hey do you find Mysore in Mysore Pak ...

We all could not stop laughing ..

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Independence Day

On Aug 15th, I was wathcing a TV program. Some one was singing a so called Patriotic song.. One of the lines says:

"Bharatiye ninna janma dinadandu ninage namisuvevu ..." something of that sort... Meaning we bow to you on your "birth day"

I was actually astonished to listent to this line... How can Aug 15ht be celebrated as Bharat's Birth day ?? Its disgrace for all of us. We have not understood the meaning of our independence day but everyone takes the day off and enjoy their life... I felt really bad..

How can anybody determine Birthday of Bharat ? Its there since the time of Rishis and Munis .. we have got the proof also.. Alas our so called poets dont know this simple matter.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weekend Trip - GRS Fantasy Park

On Tuesday, Father In Law told that they want to goto Mantralaya but they can't go this time as no one is there to look after the house and tuffy. Sowmya and I had asked them to go ahead and leave all house responsibility to us. On that promise they tried to get a train, bus or what ever the transportation to possible Mantralaya on whole Wednesday and Thursday. Till Thursday evening nothing was finalised and they had almost dropped their plans. That made us to go ahead with our trip plans.

It was a long weekend. Wanted to go out somewhere, desperately. We all (jukka, roopakka, shilpa, sowmya) started planning on Thursday evening. After half an hour of discussion and telephonic calls, it was almost decided that we go to Ooty and Black Thunder water park for 2 days. At the n th moment I got a call from my Father in law saying that they got the tickets to Mantralaya and requested us (Sow and me) to stay home to take care house and the their dog, tuffy. Tussssssssssssss.... our plans got dropped for that moment ..

Atleast we wanted to go out for a day. Every one was ok with that and we decided to goto GRS Fantassy Park, Mysore. I booked
Tempo Traveller (TT). Our whole family went for that. Amma, Sowmya, myself, Roopakka, Bhava, Shilpa, Yashu, Jukka, Bhava, Gowri and Bhargav. We were 11 in total. Our trip started at around 6:30. Sowmya and I had come from my in-law's house. We were little late. More over we had to prepare tomato-onion gojju (kind of curry ). Jukka and Amma had prepared, Chapathis, Puliyogare and Curd Rice. TT came to roopakka's house in Wilson Garden at 6. They were all ready and came to our place which is around 7 KM at around 6:20. We joined the troupe at 6:30 and started.

We took a break at Maddur to eat Maddur Vade and also had break fast there itself. The place we went to buy maddur vade was crowded like hell. Ussshappa...

Allinda .. we went to a Sai Baba Ashram on the banks of river Kaveri, on the main road itself. It was amazingly calm appealing .. Here are some snaps ..

Sai Mandir, River Kaveri, Sriranga Pattana

Bhava, Shilpa, Gowri, Raju Bhava, Bhargav, Karthik, Sowmya

Bhava, Shilpa, Gowri, Raju Bhava, Bhargav, Karthik, Sowmya

Raju Bhava, Srinivas Bhava, Roopakka, Amma, Bhargav, Jukka, Karthik, Gowri, Sowmya, Anant Yahas

Raju Bhava, Srinivas Bhava, Roopakka, Amma, Bhargav, Jukka, Karthik, Gowri, Sowmya, Anant Yahas

From there, we went directly GRS and had great fun.

So many rides...

Something like tora tora

Women and Kids pool
Women and Kids pool

Bhava and me at Pendulum, most scary water ride. .
Bhava and me at Pendulum, most scary water ride. .

Lazy River
Lazy River

Sowmya loves to Swing, Shilpa joins her
Sowmya loves to Swing, Shilpa joins her

We all .. at red Indian Falls
We all .. at red Indian Falls

Oh! Dont touch 'em
Oh! Dont touch 'em

Red Indian Falls
Red Indian Falls

This is called 1-2-3 Photo
This is called 1-2-3 Photo

Friday, August 12, 2005

Loong weekend ... !!!

Many of us have a long weekend this time.. List out all your plans please ...

I am working out the plan .. let you know by evening ..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

kuy kuy naayi mari ...

It was around 3AM yesterday night. A small puppy started screaming ... Kuy kuy kuy .. waw waw waw .. We got up as it was disturning too much.. Sowmya likes pets a lot. She kept on asking me to go and check whats the problem.. I was reluctant for some time.. When it was intolerable I had to go in search of this puppy. I searched here n there. Opened the main door and searched near the gate, in the 'mori' ( road side pit) and everywhere. The kuy kuy sound seemed to be coming from very near place. I could not locate it. Then I thougt it might be in in neighbours compund. Peeped there also. Not successful. Then I observed one thing that the direction of the sound was differing left and right. Then I supposed that puppy might be in the terrace. Walked up in search of it. There I found it. It was very happy to see someone. I held my legs very tightly. It was lovely. I liked it. I carried it to Sowmya, to see her blissed face. She was excited to see it. It had stopped screaming. But I realized that it was hugry like hell. We poured a glass of milk and it drank the whole of it at once. We left it outside the compound and it ran away happily..

We slept in peace for the rest of the night .. :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Khara UppiTTu with Bisi coffee

Most of us have our own favourite tastes .. These favourite tastes are dynamic also .. ie They are weathe dependent. Tpday its very cool in bangalore.. I am feeling like eating Khara uppiTTu with Hot coffee .. I was thinking deep on dynamicity of the favourite tastes.. Let me list them

Favourite FoodWith ....Weather ConditionLocationPartner
UppiTTu (Upma)With Hot CoffeeChilled Weather without RainsAnywhere ... Friends
ELneer (Tender Coconut)-Hot SunIn Highways Under TreesFriends
Bajji Bonda, KodbaLe, ChakliCoffeeMane (Home Sweet Home)Heavy Rains OutsideWife, Mom and Rest of Family Watching Kannada Movie
Baby corn ManchurianTomoto SouceGokulsNormal Cool EveningWife

More to come .. Why dont u update ur taste ..

Friday, August 05, 2005

Abstract Accepted for IBM Sharenet


Every year IBM Conducts Sharenet for all the Competencies. This time SAP Sharenet is scheduled on 25th Aug. Center of Competency had called for abstracts last month. I had submitted mine too.. There were about 130 submission. 8 were selected out of them. I am proud to say that mine was one of the selected abstract. It was on EBP Shopping cart approval. If you remember I had submitted an ICM on this also .. More details on this would be posted in my tech blog

Now I have to work on this and prepare a presentation and submit by 10th Aug. The venue of the event --> ITC Hotel Windsor Sheraton & Towers :-) All big shots and tech guru would be there n that seminar.. I need to prepare very well .. It will be 40 min session from me.. 30 presentation and 10 min Q&A.. Wish me guys ..

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kishan's Psych test

My Good friend Kishan has put a psych test on his blog...
Why dont you take that ? --> Link

Recently he described the looks of his "not seen" blog friends, by reading their blogs. He Seems to be turning psychic. Ki ki ki . Check that out here

Maja maaDi ..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tech Blog ...

Just created my tech blog... look at it ... you migh not be interested .. :-)

Learning many things ..

From past 15 days it has been good in terms of learning for me...
I have learnt a lot of things technically.. I am feeling like forgetting the new learnings..

This is tempting me to start a new Tech Blog ..

I am going to start a new Tech blog .. Everything what I know/learn/see technically .. would go there.. :-)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sad photos of Sharada Peeth in Pak occupied Kashmir

pictures have been uploaded by setlurbadri these
pictures in his yahoo folder, just click the link and
transport yourself to the era where Samskrit ruled
Pravarapurva (the current day Srinagar) and when the
entire culture was destroyed by the suvar ke bachche.
Peace,Tranquility, Creativity and Knowledge deserted
Kashmir with the destruction of this revered seat of
knowledge by the stupid sultan.