Sunday, September 21, 2008

Effect of Circular Polarizing Filter

Gauthama, my NHS friend and photographic freak like me recently purchased Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL). We both were experimenting the effect CPL. We were amazed to see the difference. The basic purpose of CPL is to avoid and cut off unwanted and reflected light.. See the differences yourself.



In above two pictures first one is without CPL and second one is with CPL. You can see that unwanted  reflection from floor is cut off. (Please bare with me, pics are under-exposed)

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In above 2 samples, you can observe the same difference. The unwanted reflected light from spec is avoided in second snap. Another similar sample below..


I am planning to buy a CPL next week.. :D

Macro Kit

Gautham and I had to gone to R K Photos, in Majestic to buy Macro kit for me and a CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter) for him. The place look has amazing collections of accessories. I think thats best place where you can get all DSLR related accessorries in Bangalore

Macro lenc kit is set of 4 add on lenses, which will make possible to shoot very close up shot

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Capturing Spider - "Again"

This post is continued from Capturing Spider

Effort was again made to capture spider and its web today. Again at the same place. Thimmi and I were as usual taking a morning walk on the walking track near my house. I was astonished to see a beautiful spider web between plants. The spider itself was so huge and very different. Its web was knitted very differently. Have a look at it and comment on the same.

Front View:

From Spider_Web


Side View:

From Spider_Web

Rear View:

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Zoomed View:

From Spider_Web


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Monday, September 01, 2008

Light Painting, its so fun...

Are you seen painting. Ofc yes, who would have not seen. But I am asking about Painting on Air/Space? Yes!! I am not joking. The following photo is an example. This was taken in our room with full darkness and my thimmi is writing a loving heart in air and I captured this with my cam.. The concept is called as Light painting.


Aperture: F/3.8, Shutter: 8 sec, Focal length: 18 mm


One more example with same exposure values:


Get more technical information: