Friday, February 24, 2006

Trip to Ghati and Nandi

My FIL had arranged a trip to Ghati and he had arranged a Pallakki Utsav for the diety on 26th Jan 2006. We all had gone there and incidetly that was my first long trip in my car. Road was not all that great so really dint enjoy the dirve. Here are some snaps..

Me and my father in law leading the Pallakki

Gopura of Ghati temple

Lunch which was carried from home. We had in the park down the temple

Small cute fishes in a pond near the temple

Thoudands of Nagara Idols

Koti cheshte

The whole family

It was really good trip while coming back we went to Nandi and came back. Its around 20 KM from Ghati.
It was amazing experience for me to drive the Nandi Ghats :-)

I will post some cool photos tmrw...

Dangerous Plastics

This is what I saw this morning when I heading home from jogging. I felt very bad .. I dont know where is out city going to. Reespecitve officers are careless and civilians are more careless. You can see many cows are grazing plastics there. Its very hazardous for them.. Get up Bangalore do something..

Dangerous Plastics

Monday, February 20, 2006

From Archives..

I was going through my flickrs photos.. This one struck me.. :-)


Tour to Himavat Gopalaswamy Hill

This one was trip conducted by Sowmya's cousins. Every month they meet and perform a kitty party. Usually it will be somewhere inside the city and this time it was proposed at Himavat Gopalaswamy Hill, which is around 220 KM from Bangalore.

A KSRTC bus was booked and our tour started at around & in the morning. We need to board the bus from Water Tank, Banashankari. The place is away from Mysore. Its there in Mysore Ooty road.

A diversion from Gundlpet leads to bandipur forest, and this hill is one the way to Bandipur Forest.

Had breakfast near Srirangapattana near temple, which had some beautiful scenaries.


We reached the place at around 1 PM. After pooja etc, we had nice lunch.

Amazing Scenaries from Top of hill

Monday, February 13, 2006

My tirps in 4 weeks

Eventhough I was tooooo busy in last two months I have not stopped roaming around. Look at my trips in 4 weeks.

Jan 22 - Himavath Gopalaswamy Temple
Jan 23 - Chennai
Jan 26 - Ghati Subramanya
Feb 3 and 4 - Hassan and Hariharapura
Feb 11 and 12 - Bandipura Forest Resort

Nidhaanakke ondondanne explain maaDteeni ..

Thursday, February 09, 2006