Friday, November 28, 2008

Managing your shots..

I was always wondering how great photographers manage their huge number of digital photos. How do they pick "The-one-great-shot" they captured on "The-one-great-moment". How do they group all similar photos together. How do they gather all extreme statistics.

In the same lines I was reading this article in DPS. I was really inspired by this article and started using Light Room 2.1 from Adobe.  It has all that you want and would expect in a photo management tool. I can tag them, give captions, sort based on tens of meta data information. Group similar photos. All that I can do pretty fast.

Now, more or less I have built my basic catalog. I was really worried to see that I have got more than 13,000 photos (Not everything is my shot anyway). I could tag more or less everything and indexes have been built. I can now search based on content/ focal length/ aperture/ lens/ camera/ date/ tags/ treatment/ exposure settings/ flash status etc..

Light room also integrates seamlessly with PS4, that makes my life still more easier for editing my shots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is terrorism ??

Dear friends, let me picturize a situation here before we come to the actual point of discussion. There is someone near your house, who is throwing stones at your window pane everyday - intentionally.  First time you felt that it might be an accident and ignored the act. But, it repeats again and again, very frequently. Now, you become little diligent and observe and found that the awful act was being planned and conducted by your neighbor to destroy your house and your family peace. You also found that police could not help on this because your neighbor has a very good relationship with them. There is no one who can help you now legally.

I want to know what will be your next step ?


I am not justifying what Sadhvi Prajna Singh and Lt. Col. Purohit did in Malegoan. But, please let me know what is so wrong in revolting against such terrorism when nothing works, legally/ politically ? Society like India which has been immersed in slavery for thousands of years, will never understand this. More over our so called Hindu culture is so soft and broad minded that we never want to hurt anyone. SORRY!! It is not true. If you see Indian History and Mythology, all our Gods and Avataras of Gods have taken place to kill the evil and protect the Dharma. Now, if God is not helping us, we have to help ourselves.

Dushta Shikshana and Shishta Rakshana was always the concept.

Please read through this month Outlook Edition, French author FRANCOIS GAUTIER has written the facts and how cowards we are..