Thursday, December 30, 2004

~ ^ * ^ ~ Tsunami relief efforts ~ ^ * ^ ~

One of my friends is going to Tsunami affected area called Nagapaatinam. I with some other friends collected 4 huge bags of cloths, blankets etc and contacted about 25 houses to prepare chapatis. We arranged for arround 500 - 600 Chapatis.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

- * - Team Lunch - * -

Had gone to Three Quarters, Chinese for the team Lunch. It crowded like hell.. but food was good.
One snap taken there:

Monday, December 27, 2004

* * Friend was there * *

One of my colleagues, from chennai was in Chennai yesterday when Tsunami
hit Chennai beach. He said, he was in deep sleep when Monster hit the
coast, ( uff very bad... lazy boy.. sleeping till 7:30 ??? ). His mom felt
that she was going in hectic train in her dreams. (Aunty bad too ..
sleeping till 7:30 ?? hmm ). After a major wobbling she got up and woke
this guy up. Every one realized its an earth quake..... Oh my God.. run run
run ... All vacated the apartment complex towards the street. Stayed there
for 30 min then got back in. Then he said, he went near Marina beach to see
the tragedy.. Many people are missing... I am feeling vey bad :(

Thursday, December 23, 2004

~ * ~ S h a r p B l a d e ~ * ~

Octa means 8The word Octa is derived from Sanskrit word 'Ashta' which means 8. :)
Let me try to comment on october, which is supposed to be 10th month of the year.

Septa, meaning 7 ( derived from sanskrit Sapta), So September means 7th month
Octa, meaning 8 ( derived from sanskrit Ashta),So October means 8th month
Novem, meaning 9 ( derived from sanskrit Nava)So November means 9th month
Deca, meaning 10 ( derived from sanskrit Dasha)So December means 10th month

Having this logic continued Jan and Feb will be 11th and 12th month respectively. This means March will be First month. But somehow, in the history, this convention of starting the year from March has been changed to Jan. Actually Indian Calendar starts from around Mid March. Also even today Financial Year in India starts from March.

~ * ~ Pic of the Trip ~ * ~

This is pic taken in Ramoji Film City, Hyd.


Trip to Hyderabad

It was 4 when I left to SA2 ( IBM's office ) to meet Sridhar. We had to leave for Hyderabad that evening by flight IC915 at 5:10 PM. The purpose was interviews.

We flew and reached Hyderabad at 6:15. Then we went to Hussain sagar and necklace road. It was really good.

Hussain sagar:

From there I went to Hotel Fortune Katriya and Sridhar went home.

Next day: It was interview day. Had executive breakfast buffet.. It all started by 9:30 and ended by 6. Then we all went to Charminar by auto for shopping.


Did some shopping went back to hotel, checked out and went to Sridhar's place.

Next day: Trip to Ramoji Film city.. We booked a ambassador car. Sridhar, his sister and I started to Ramoji by 9 and reached there by 10. We took a executive package and had very nice time there. Came back home by 4PM

Came back to Bangalore next day ..

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

~ * ~ Blog it this way ~ * ~

This is my first blog post from mail. Seems very simple..


I shot this yesterday ..

Monday, December 13, 2004

~*~ Idiots ~*~

Some are idiots, but they can correct themsleves..
Some are idiots, they can correct with others help
Some are idiots they can't correct with others help
They are real idiots who dont even understands who are helpers

Friday, December 10, 2004

Uncle Demised Kerala trip cancelled :(

Very sad to share with you guys that my uncle demised.. so my kerala trip got cancelled

Monday, December 06, 2004

~ * ~ Trip ~ * ~ To ~ * ~ Kerala ~ * ~

Planning to goto Kerala this weekend with my college classmates.

Departure from Bangalore to Trivandrum
Padmanabha Swamy Temple
Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum
Reach Kanyakumari
Veli Tourist Village
Travel to Alleypey
Then to Kumarakom
Then back to Bangalore

Sunday, December 05, 2004

~*~ CSQA ~*~

Ufffff ... its all over..

I took an a certification exam.. It's CSQA ( Certified Software Quality Analysist) conducted by QAI (Quality Assurance Institute). It was a tough exam. It required me to sit and study a 300 page book called CBOK. I had taken a week's vacation for the exam. Exam contained 4 papers, 2 objectives and 2 subjective papers. 3 papers were easy. The last one was little tough. Somehow I finished it.. :))