Friday, October 28, 2005

Rain Struck Family

Guys ..

Go thru this blog post

Sridhar is my good friend and we were BE classmates.. I feeling very bad for mental trauma he and his family are facing..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bombe habba..

Bombe habba..
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Dassera, a.k.a Navaraatri is celebrated across India in different way. Kolkatta and rest of Bengal is famous for Durga pooja. Whole state does not work for entire 9-10 days. Software companies not aparted.

In Mysore its a grand feast. Lots of programs are arranged during Navaratri. The last day procession which is famous as Dussera Procession of Mysore is world famous. Mysore Urs (kings) had this great custom built and our State Govt is following the same.

In most part of Karnataka and some part of Tamilnadu we celebrate Dussera as Bombe habba. Bombe means Dolls. Habba means festival. So it can be translated as Festival of dolls. Each and every house is decorated and dolls of differnt kinds which tell of many tales of Hindu Mythology. Most of these dolls will be in sets. Like Rama-seeta-Lakshman-Hanuman, Dashavatara, Set of dolls which tell customs of Marriage, Some fancy dolls etc..

This is our first Navaratri for me after marriage. We bought some new dolls and you can see them all :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rains in Bangalore

I have never seen such a pathetic state of Bangalore in recent past. Rains have ruined my sweet Bangalore. Roads have become streams ways.. Offices have become lakes. There is no distinction between pothole and a manhole and normal road. Its dangerous to walk on road, ride on road and even to drive on roads.

Yester years Karnataka suffered from drought and now its floods. Sunday we had been to Vegitable Market. To my astonishment all vegitable rates have reached sky. Can you imagine beens to reach 40/- and Onion almost 30/- .. They say vegitables have been rotten because of heavy rains. They anticipate more hikes. Last month petrol rate was hiked and now its vegitables turn.. When comes my salary'e turn .. I am bothered ..

Kids have great plans to celebrate Deepavali with great crackers and lovely lamps.. Seems they all would be disappointed. Rains are expected till december, according to some article in news paper. Many dams are flooding and people near dam are dying. Dam gates are getting damaged. I was wondering, man is having nothing in his hand. Just a week of rains kill the whole civilization..

Among all the bad news.. we have got a sweet news that India have beaten Srilank in the Cricket match with a huge gap .. Congrtas guys.. keep it up ..!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Page Hits

I have started a Statcounter for this blog from Aug 11. The Blog Hits graph is shown in this pic..

You can see the hits are coming down gradually.. .Last month this time there was huge hits to my blog..
I can see some days page hits was reaching 100 and Unique Visitors are around 40 ...

Huge Hump on Unique visitors and First time visitors can be seen during Last week of Sept.. What did have in blog during those days ..

Hmmm I had these 2 posts... which had pulled too many Visitors...
IBM Rocks

I need to study more on this analytics. ... hehhe

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Peer to Peer Network

I wanted to transfer some 20 GB of data from my laptop to PC at home.. I wanted to take the back-up since long time .. This one really got catalytic acceleration when Chandra's laptop got crashed last week. I just dint hvae any alternatives other than loosing all my precious data.

I knew that peer to peer networking is possible by using cross over n/w cable. I googles about it and found more info about it. This link really helped me

I went to SP road and bought the 2 mtr cross over network cable for 45/- RS and with Sowmya's help I could configure peer to peer network.. Amazing.. I was really happy.. I could around 10 GB yesterday.. Today I will copy the rest..

Monday, October 17, 2005


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This is the aquarium at one of my friends' place.. Did u observe another aqurium inside it? He says the fish was very ferocious, so he jailed it this way

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mallige Moggu

Mallige Moggu
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We had been to Hosur last week. I took this shot there ...

Howz this ?

Monday, October 10, 2005

SAP TechED 05, Certified Consultant :)

Last week I attended SAP TechED 05 here in Bangalore. It was very big event conducted by SAP. They started Tech ED from Last year and continuing. Whole purpose of the event is to introduce SAP Practitioners to the new technical roadmap SAP has built and moving. It was amazing !! I was impressed by the ingauration part of the event. They had Karnataka's folk dance called 'DoLLu kuNita' to welcome the guests to the stage. We had key notes from SAP AG Directors, who had come from different part of globe. There were about 2500 SAP Practitioners from all over India. It was a three day event.

We also had an poertunity to take up the SAP Certification exam there. I appeared for 'SAP Netweaver Development Consultant Focus ABAP' and cleared it with 81% eeee.. Now I am Certified SAP Practitioner :) ..

More later .. BFN