Friday, January 25, 2013

Trip to Karwar - planning

My dear friend Sridhar sent an email sometime in 3rd week of December proposing for a trip for year end or 1st week of Jan. At the same time even Sowmya and I were thinking to get out somewhere. It so happened that none of the other friends could make it. So it turned out to be both our families.

We both started to plan things out, starting from place, mode of transport, itenary, things to pack, thinks to buy and what not,  Sri created a planning document on google drive and we started to update then in collaboration. In coupe of days things got frozen on place, ie Karwar and we decided to take bus. The date was initially year end 29th to 31st. But wet didn't get accommodation anywhere. And even bus fare was exuberant. So we decided to move date by one week. Our new date was 5th to 7th. We decided to take leave on Monday. We wanted to take it cool as little ones would be there. Adya and Swaraj both are of almost same age.

Sridhar got bus booked and I got 2 rooms in a resort called Tarang booked. Bus was around 600 per person one way. It was sleeper coach. He got Sugama for on going and SRS for return journey. Tarang resort is in little remote place off karwar town. Around 7 km near Sadashiva ghad. But the review and photos were good on trip advisor and we decided to book that. It costed per room 1.8k per day. Which was good enough for us. The previous week the same was around 2.5k. Only concern was, as it was away from town our committing to places would be tough. Other options for us were, devbghag jungle resorts, estuary resorts, the lotus resort. Out of which jungle resorts we did not get booking, Lotus was way  too expensive and estuary response was not that great. Later we realized it was good that wet din't get there :) as the approach road was horrible

We started logging our expenses in the google drive which was designed to automatically calculates and shares the amount and tells how much should one pay to another at the end of trip.

Ladies at home started to pack things and we supported them.