Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lo - ideeya ?

CSssssssssss !!!!!!

Kal nan magane ideeya illva ???

Thu what is this ... this guy absconds once in every 4-5 days....... baaro bore hoDeeta ide.......

- The Blog

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another Buddy to join the Group

concept inc: [18 Apr 05] Deepak's engagement

Deepak is Sridhar's and my common friend, he is a genius in electronics. He loves music.. more than that he loves Music systems.. I used to call him Sound engineer.. Now he is engaged... Congrats to him and All the best..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by Karthik1.
This a shot taken by my niece, Shilpa..

Monday, April 25, 2005

yappa sakkattu

Hi Blog how are you ???
It was inter department circket match in Siemens. Sowmya was also in the team. Eventhough she was reluctant to play.. her team mates compelled her to play. Anyway.. she scored none but was not out.. She was the only not out player in her team. Hmmm...

Here are some interesting photos..

Mam Getting ready
Mam Getting ready

Mam at crease
What a shot

Welcome back to pevillion
Welcome back pevillion

Whole Crew
From Left Standing: Girish, Vinod the Leader, Ganesh (behind Vinod), Sudheer, Kiran ( Sitting in front ), Gajendra ( Half seen sitting blue shirt), Pramod (with a doll ), Sowmya ( Half seen) , Dinesh (heroic pose), Small boy

Whole Crew

Thursday, April 21, 2005

blog namakarana

nanna blog ge Enaadru hesru iDbEku anta aase... swalpa suggesions koDi ...

bad start

Hi Blog how are u ??

u know what mor morning (encouraged by beL beLigge) ... sister told that we go to Canara Bank to transfer our accounts from Wilson Garden branch to Kamakya Branch. We were ready with all the forms and all.. There are 4 accounts.. Jukka's, Bhava's, mine and amma's. I had missed PAN, They wanted PAN xerox.... Amma had missed 2 sigatures.. Thut... kelsa aaglilla Blog..

Adoo alde.. ivattu swalpa tale nOyta ide... yaako gottlla..

sari matte bareeteenapa... matte innEn samachara? Who and all had come .. I think VC, Jyothi, Kiran were here.. Who else were there... Please convey my regards blog.. Matte sigla...


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so what ?

KAR: After long time ... How are you my blog ?? I have so many things to tell.. But why am I not blogging!!!!!... Sorry my dear blog for not writing much...(In mind... hope so) So what yarr... ....

BLOG: Bloody idiot now you are here.. I was waiting for you ... What the **** ... where were you .... Completely forgoten me or what ?? Immersed in fiancee's world ???

KAR: aarey yarr... Sorry Sorry .... Sorry Sorry ... I told na..

BLOG: Ok ok... anyway .. you r too bad.... sakkat kobbu ninge ..

KAR: hmmm ... En maaDli... D-Day is approaching very fast. May 11th is the date.. Oh yea.. I am getting married on May 11 with my Sowmya.. I am excited... Arent you .. come on Blog get excited.. Keep your face colorful... be attractive... Tell all those who visit you to keep their precious time available on that day.. Invite all of them to my marriage ok?

Hey blog... Are you worried that I might ignore you after Sowmya enters my life.. No my dear blog... I wont ignore you.. Promise yarr..

BLOG: I dont believe u... Bad boy...

KAR: Illlappa.... please in munde saryaagi blog maaDteeni ok na ??? Swalpa adjust maaDkolli... ok ..

BLOG: Ok ..

KAR: Thanks blog...

BLOG: So how is evrything ?? How are all marriage preparations going ?

KAR: Suuper yar... ade busy ... invitation kodakke shuru maaDde... Office nalli kelsa jaasti illa... so adu olle vara prasada aagide nange ...

BLOG: Oh ..! thats good ... ( in mind: idroo nan maga kelsa maadodu ashtralle ide) You know what ... Yday sowmya had visited me...

KAR: Wow.. howda... What and all did she see..

BLOG: She went to your profile .. read all those things.. She was interested in photogallery... She wanted to show your (dirty) face to her frnds.

KAR: wow... Howda... cool... ella links na saryaagi itkoLi .... tumba jana bartaare.. ok na ???

BLOG: Sure... so what else ??? Heard You had been for a party this monday...

KAR: Oh ya... Sorry.... helode martidde... It was Pallavika's Birthday... We had nice party at Princess in Jayanagar. I will u/l a pic sari na ?

BLOG: Hoo ... mareeta irappa ella.. eega naavella innyaake ninge ??? ManeyoDati banda takshana hale frnds nella biTTaaktya neenu !!

KAR: Illa my dear blog.. khandita illa... ok what else ... ??? matte bareeteenappa eega time aaytu.. horDla ??

BLOG: Sure... le aamele nimmakka mane gruhapravesha aaytalla ... aa photos yahoo ge u/l maaDi aayta??

KAR: Hoo aaytu.. thut... nangEnaagide.. adannoo ninge hELlillva ??? sari... illide link... Gruhapravesha.. Nanna Photos section nalloo haakteeni sari na ??

BLOG: (in mind: Goobe nan maga) aaytaaytu... hordu bye... ninge time aagirbeku..

KAR: Bye Blog... Thanks yarr...

BLOG: Bye... Have nice time... :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

UVCE Milan

Last week my UVCE friends had come home. Incidently it was Kiran's birthday ...
Happy Birthday Day Kiran ...

Here are some pics..


from left --> Chetan, Sridhar, Kiran, Mahendra, Shashi, me..


Sowmya joined.. to the faar right..

later had been to Holiday village for dinner. Was good .. we all enjoyed..

Shashi's blog on same content...
Sri's blog on same content --> ( More photos )

Monday, April 04, 2005

I have changed my House

My sister has built a new house in Banashankari 3rd stage, very near to Kamakya. We have rented our house and shifted to her house. We have occupied the ground floor and she the first floor. We have shifted both the houses on Saturday. It was very hectic. Details Later.