Thursday, July 07, 2011

A chocolate story

This morning, on the way to office, I was waiting in one of the trafffic signals. A six-to-seven-year boy came to my window and knocked car window pane. He was hanging some God's photo to his neck. His faciapl expression was very pittyful. He begged with his empty bowl. I felt very sad that this boy is begging at the time when he should be going to school and playing with mates. I took few moment to decide whether give some pennies or not. After few seconds he knocked my window again raising his bowl. I usually don't encourage beggars unless I am convinced that the person is really deserving.
This boy seemed to me as a deserving and instead giving money, I gave a chocolate I had. He took it with sad face and went to the car behind mine. I just observed with curiosity. For my surprise the six-year chap took chocolate from his bowl and with out eve seeing what it is, threw that under the car and went ahead begging
I don't understand what made him to throw the chocolate ! What you think ?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

HDD crash

I got a new Windows 7 laptop last month from office. Dell laptop with 4 GB ram and 250GB HDD and 2.8 GHz intel duo processor. Hi-fi config. Loved it.

For some reason last week, I got a weird sound while HDD was accessed. The next day it just hung. When re-booted, I got an error saying no boot device found. Alas, my HDD is gone. I lost data of almost 40 days. Some are project related and some are adya's pics. I used take back up every week with old laptop. But as this was new I had not yet started to take back up yet. Never expected such an early mess up.

Anyway, HDD has been given for data recovery, hoping I get back all lost data.

Please pray for me so that I get all Adya's pigs

Friday, July 01, 2011

Called 100

Have you ever called 100 number in your life. I recently called 100, the police number.

It was a love saturday evening, we were coming from Shopper's stop bannerghatta road towards our house on JP nagar ring road. After crossword the traffic had piled up. I thought, it was normal traffic. It was around 8 PM. After 5 - 10 min we realized that we had actually stuck in very bad traffci jam. It took around 45 min to reach 6th avenue junction. Initially we though there could have been an accident or some heavy vehicle stuck in mid road. Later we realized there was no such problem. At 6th avenue junction there a major chaos. Vehicles were stuck in deadlock positions. Only reason was that there was no police constable to control the traffic.

I came out of horrible maze, which was still a chaos. This time I wanted to do something for this. I called up 100 and informed about this. The lady on the other side acknowledged the issue and immediately floated the info to police walky talky. I could here response from concerned inspector as well saying he will send someone. I was so happy.

I felt happy that I could work towards a solution, instead of just cursing police guys.