Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day out to Ananda Dhama


Ananda  Dhama is just beside Sangama, near Kanakapura. Thimmi and I planned to visit this place on the weekend of 31st May 2009, to celebrate both of ours birthday. We started driving at around 8 AM and had breakfast at holiday village near Vajarahalli and moved towards Kanakapura.

There is a free Gurukul being run by Ananda Dhama and to support this they have a resort where they conduct professional team building programs and the revenue earned will be used for the maintenance of Gurukul.

Things to do at Ananda Dhama

Many team games like balancing games, gutter jump, Tarzan jump, shooting, rafting, boating, jungle trek and many more.


Including lunch, per person it costs around Rs. 750/- and need to be booked in advance.

On the way to Sangama, we see silk worm feeding wheels.. They looked very good

It was very early in the morning that we started and the road looked just beautiful
Balancing on the wooden log. It would been much nicer if we play with a team..

Tarzaan jump
Shooting … Actually her targets were better than mine

Rafting on bamboo boat
There were thousands of butterflys there

Swimming on River Kaveri


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less – Book Review

This is the first book of author Jeffry Archer. This is great thriller where a famous American business giant deceives four of the UK based gentlemen. These four of men form a team and get all the money they lost from him. But the trill lies in that the giant not even knows that he is being deceived.

Lovely ready with simple language.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The three mistakes of my Life – A Book Review

This is my first read of Author Chetan Bhagath. The three mistakes.. is a sequel of his famous novel One Night @ the call center.

The books starts by death notice email to the Author. He will be shocked to see this email and decides to do something about it only by the name which is quoted in the email signature. He tries to get support from his lecturer and locates this guy and flys to India from Singapore and listens to his life story. The entire story of the books is the life story of this guy, who Author meets in a hospital.

Story is about three friends one guy who is interested in Mathematics and Business only. Other guy is fond of just cricket and the last guy is son of priest at a temple. Author has beautifully depicted social problems in India. Also shows how Cricket is also a religion in India. The guy on hospital bed is the central character in the book. As such the storyline itself is very simple. And also I really did not feel author has successfully linked these 3 topics. Also the title says “3 mistakes”, Author tells these 3 mistakes, but really never felt the importance of those three mistakes.

A ok-ok read according to me.

Angels & Demons – A book review


Angels & Demons is a prequel of The Da Vinci Code. Author Dan Brown has narrated beautifully how Church and Science are related and how they both clash each other. Reader will know a lot about Vatican while reading it. Book starts slowly with a murder of eminent scientist who had invented something which does not exist in the whole world at CERN and which also is very dangerous for entire world. Though his intension was not to produce a dangerous instable product, he comes up with it while trying to find the truth behind the beginning of life. The director of CERN, is the man who finds the murder first and involves an American expert to crack the puzzle. Later he also becomes a suspect.

American Symbolist and Scientist’s pretty daughter come along to find the mystery behind this murder. The infamous Illuminati would be the prime suspect behind the murder.

Books contains a lot of Action, Thrill, Mystery. It goes in a very steady pace and has a touch of romance as well. There are couple of un-realistic scenarios which are ok for a fiction.

After reading, I watched the movie. They have tried their best to cover the story in 2 hrs. They have tailored a lot by removing Director character and also twisting the story as needed. The intent is met and good watch.