Friday, September 23, 2011

Psychological evolution

Few days back, my niece, Gowri and I had a discussion on human psychological evolution over period of time. She had to prepare some contents around that subject. That was the topic for her mini research. Physical evolution of human - we call know Darvin's theory. Survival of fittest etc. But they also believe that there is psychological evolution as well.  My sister, jukka was also involved in the discussion.

Gowri's point was we are evolved psychologically  to a very high level. But I had another thought. Even though we have technologically advanced we have not evolved psychologically. Let's see different areas of life:

1. Social Life: I think we have actually regressed in social life. We have stopped meeting people and without meeting people I dont think we can have emotional attachment with them. So definitely with the age of Facebook, G+ etc, we have not evolved Psychologically. 

2. Family Life: We have started to live in more and more divided families rather than joint families. I think that is a regress in family life

3. Education: Gurukul system was the best and was enabling students in various skills. Now a days kids are so much dependent and not multi skilled. They go to school to pass exam and to get good marks and forget their leanings later. This is surely not an evolution.

There were so many other points we discussed. Please share your thoughts..


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