Friday, September 24, 2004

The modern Ramayan

Got a call from manager and was told that I have an exciting assigment. I knew those languages so I was not excited from those so called mouth watering words. I asked what was that. It was all about a skit to be performed at the "All hands meet", the department get together.

We had a team of 6-7 guys and ahd around 10 days time to prepare. We decided to do a skit called The Modern Ramayana. All roles were decided among us. Narration was mine. As there are no girls in my team .. Alas.. so sad :(( !!! one of guys had agreed to take Sita's role. All was going very good until Sita suddenly had to attend a training. We had almost dropped it. The director and Script writer was sitting as if the whole sky has fallen on him.. No wanted to step back.

Thats the time we called one of the co-ordinators to our practice room. We just asked whether he can perfomr any of the roles. He was so restraint. He told he can not come on stage. Then we just staged a practice one of us took Sita's role as double acting and performed. Seeying this our co-ordinator got a great enthu and confidence and told that he can be narrator. But who would become Sita now !

Ok.. I was kicked out of Narrator's role, I never had any problems in taking Sita's role. We performed really very well. All enjoyed like anything..

At last was the announcement for Best actor award.. I could not believe myself, I was awarded .. I mentally thanked the person who went for training...


Vc said...

No way !!! Congrats ....< Hehe Wait till KA gets to know abt your exploits>

Karthik said...