Wednesday, December 29, 2004

- * - Team Lunch - * -

Had gone to Three Quarters, Chinese for the team Lunch. It crowded like hell.. but food was good.
One snap taken there:


niki yokota said...

look like a nice expensive restaurant!! it doesn't look very chinese but im sure the food is good there. next time japanese

Vallabhi said...

hey there, even i had my team lunch last week at "Angeethi" on MG road. the food is excellent there, specially the sea food and moreover it had a complete punjabi setup. check that out someday.

Veerapathiran said...

me too had gang lunch last week at Angeeti..
3/4 is good friend but awfully croeded for the buffet!
Another good place is indi joe(near TGIF) lunch buffet (149+taxes) for continental..
went there today and had long and nice food.