Friday, February 25, 2005

Cricket after soooo many years..

Man, it was wonderful... we left by 12. reached the play ground by 12:30 by bikes and cars. We were around 20 out of which 4 were enthusiastic girls. :)

It was bright hot day. Boys already started to practice catches and bowling.

Dinesh and others installed the wickets.

We took around 15 min to form 2 teams. Manoj and Rajesh took the initiative of becoming captains.

I was in the Fielding team and took the short midwicket positions.

Here am I

It was a 10 over match. I bowled 6th over and got a wicket. Other team was cheating in counting the runs :).. shame shame.. I remember how we used to fight if someone tries to manipulate the numbers. The term for manipulating number was 'Dubba'.

We took 7 wickets. I caught one down. By the end of 10th over they had scored 79. Good score right.. err.. good Dubba

Here is the ground and pitch

Our game started. Phani alias Funny started very good innings. He scored well. around 10 and got out in 2nd over. It was 16. We were playing good game.

As we planned such that everyone has to bat.. some guys had to leave the crease even before they getting out. One of such victims was I. I went 5 down. First ball full toss hit to long off. It was four. heeeeyyyy!!!! Over ended. Had to change the strike. It was last ball of the over. Took 2 runs. So that I can play next over. Manoj was the bowler. Very good bowler. Could not take the first ball. He was perfectly bowling just in front of my feet. I decided to go for another full toss. I took it.. It was another four on the midwicket.. Captain Rajesh called me back.. Alas... my innings ended with 8 runs..

It was last over. We needed 5 runs to win the match. Ramesh and Machireddy were playing. Ramesh was on striking position. Took a run. Manoj was the bowler. Bowled wonderfully. Machi could not touch even a single ball. Stats was 2 balls, and 4 runs to win. Machi came fwd and swept the ball for a four. We WON ... Hurryey..

Then we came back to office. We were all hungry like pigs.. Pizzas from Pizza hut were waiting for us. All had pizzas and back to pavilion .. err I mean workplaces..



Karthik said...

I wud post the pics tmrw. I forgot to bring cable man .. che

Karthik said...

pics uploaded

Kiran H S said...

ahh.. Cricket.. you sure have a lot of stamina playing cricket in the afternoon in February. From your blog, I understand that your 'Dubba' rate was better than the opponent. Anyway, congratulations on a win.


Karthik said...

The rate of Pizzas piles becoming empty was more better :))

anoojna said...

sakkat enjoy maaDidri ansatte..alva karthik..keep it up

Kiran H S said...

aadovaaga enjoy maadirthane. Sunday kai kaalu ethokke aagade malagiddu baredilla avanu. So, Sunday ella 'keep it up' badalu 'keep it down' annodu jaasti anvayisutte.

Karthik said...

illvo ashTella sustaaglilla.. :)

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Karthik said...

Anonymous said...

--> May I know.. your name ?