Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Honeymoon continue . . .

Ok ... where were we ....

Yea... we just finished Munnar sight seeying .. next day morning we were lazy like hell... Got up very late and had breakfast before taking bath..
Checked out West wood by noon and started to Kuttikanam.. That was our next destination...

One of the best shots on the way ..
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Reached Trisangu Heaven resort by 3:30 PM. We missed lunch ... On the way we stopped at a bakery and had some snacks. We relaxed for sometime and went on a small trek to trisangu hills very next to the resort in the evening. You know what by this time I got Airtel signal.. Called my home and also her home. They were all very happy.

The view from the hill was amazing .. even the resort looked great from hills. It was chilling cold there... Sowmya was shivering ..
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Some one took our shot on the hills.. He shaken like hell ... mammeee...
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On that night ... resort guys had arranged a candle light dinner for us.. It was so good.. Thank you...
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Next day we went to Tekkady. Went on elephant ride
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and then went to look at Spice plantation
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and at last went to Periyar wild life sanctury .. it was good.. we saw some elephants, wild boars, sambas.. We were more interested in watching 2 littlle kids Neha and Rishi who had come there with their parents on the occation of their 10th year wedding anniverssary.
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Sowmya Karthik on Periyar Cruise
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After that we went on shopping in Tekkady and bought some stuffs for my sisters' kids and back to Trisangu Heaven.
Dinner: We ordered Gobi Manchurian for the starter.. Man it was soooo nice.. I had never had such a nice gobi.. We ordered the same next morning also ..

End of Day

Next day morning ... we checked out and started to Kumarakom for House boat.

This was our House Boat ...called Rainbow Cruise, Yellow. Amazing na ...
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It was complete house... We had a veranda, dining hall, 2 bed rooms, kitchen and all ... cool stuff...

Actually we were searching for tender coconut drink since day 1. We never got a vendor. But here in House boat it was the welcome drink ..
we were so impressed..
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Another View
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A self shot ...
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He stopped for lunch break at a place where we had coool breeze...
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Evening he anchored at the middle of the Backwaters .. it was great experience .. to watch the sunset from Cruise..
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Next day morning after breakfast we checked out the house boat and started to Cochi.. and we had some time till we board the train .. so went to Cochi beach..
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We both enjoyed a lot in the beach... till we came to know sea has taken Sowmya's sliipers off.. She was upset .. It was hot summer .. she could not walk bare foot.. and was reluctant to wear mine.. Then asked Mohan (our driver) to goto to nearest footwear shop and bought a new one.

Boarded the train at 3:00 pm and the journey was cool... and reached our pretty lovely bangalore by 4:15 AM on the Friday morning.. :)

Thats all folks ...


Sri said...

Nice snaps!

Wish you all the best at all times and enjoy many anniversaries like the couple with the kids in one of the snaps!

Vc said...

Vc is lost for words....

May the Force be with you ....

niki yokota said...

arey~Gorgeous Shots of Honeymoon!! Congratulations again~~(^o^);; your bride looks sooo beautiful!! you look a bit tired(??) take rest karthik-ji!