Friday, September 16, 2005

I live in Bangalore 2nd floor !!!

Just a though !! After seeying the even growing population, enumerable no. of vehicles, hectic traffic jams, raising value of land.. it came to my mind that some day we can also strat building a new city above our sweet bangalore. We have seen bangalore growing extending its outskirts, swallowing surrouning towns.. Bangalore's width has crossed about 40 KM radius.. It too much now.. Bangalore might start thinking growing tall as well.. We might start building a new city above our existing one. Which has its own people, schools, land(in air), houses, vehicles, roads, KPTCL (2nd floor), BWSSB (2nd floor), BMTC (2nd floor), BCC 2nd floor, separate corporators for Bangalore 2nd floor and what not. .

How far ( altitude ) should Bangalore 2nd floor be ? I think 300 - 500 mts is needed :)

Join me in building this new city called Bangalore 2nd Floor.. .


Anonymous said...

Your idea is good. What about sun/moon light, air, etc to first floor? You got to have proper ventilation.

In fact,that is how all these sky scrapers have come into existence in cities like New York, Tokyo, etc. It may not be very far that we see those kind of high towers in Bangalore also..

Kishan said...

hey thats a cool idea!

Archana said...

Its high time that we started building accommodate everyone!

Karthik said...

@Anonymous: Sunlight/ moonlight ventilation etc would be done by the technology .. I will leave it to Technology..

When need comes the technology grows :))