Friday, February 24, 2006

Trip to Ghati and Nandi

My FIL had arranged a trip to Ghati and he had arranged a Pallakki Utsav for the diety on 26th Jan 2006. We all had gone there and incidetly that was my first long trip in my car. Road was not all that great so really dint enjoy the dirve. Here are some snaps..

Me and my father in law leading the Pallakki

Gopura of Ghati temple

Lunch which was carried from home. We had in the park down the temple

Small cute fishes in a pond near the temple

Thoudands of Nagara Idols

Koti cheshte

The whole family

It was really good trip while coming back we went to Nandi and came back. Its around 20 KM from Ghati.
It was amazing experience for me to drive the Nandi Ghats :-)

I will post some cool photos tmrw...


enigma said...

Nice pics. Very simple illustrations. Good post!
I guess monkeys and Nandi hills always go hand in hand.

Kishan said...

That Cute lil fishes in the pond shot! awesome!

niki yokota said...

wooow~ awesome pics of ur family and temple and all!!
i want to have one of these Nagara Idols(?)! sooo COOL ^^

anoojna said...


Good Pics and writeup

Manjesh said...

"really dint enjoy the dirve"

hehe...gottagutte... gaaDi oDistaa ee blog maDideeya anta ansutte ;)

once again sakkat kool pix!

Shreyas said...

it was nice reading ur blog, got the link from 'pqrshanth'. ghati reminds me my bike trips to the place and a trek to the place from the NCC camp near Doddaballapur carrying an injured frnd on my back during my PU college days... :-)

Prashanth M said...

Pity you were not able to enoy the drive... here is an invitation -- come to our place (to Kunigal) a great road to drive (am I exaggerating?).. well if not great, better and beautiful road ;)

satishds said...

loo mama sakaath maja maadu