Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Corning Glass Museum ..

On 28th May, Manoj and I had planned to visit Corning Glass museum.

We started in the morning at around 8:30 AM and drove towards Corning via 17W.

It was fist time Manoj was driving long. He wanted me to accompany him so that he is confident. haha :)

Anyway I was with the map and helping him driving..

By 10AM we had reached the glass city, Corning. It was a brigh sunny day. There was a shuttle bus which leaves the visitor parking to Museum. We get on to the bus and reached the place..

Few pictures inside Museum .. --> You can get more here

1. Amazing Art .. You can see two layers of glass.

2. Human Face Glass mould

Glass Fruits ??

Maithri, Manoj's elder daughter

This State of Art glass art is from India.. Amazing art work.. Currently this is my wall paper. Corning has spent lot of money to buy this from Royal Family from India.

The only similar glass article is in India

Glass Manufacturing Demo..
This glass artist is blowing since 25 years.. this is the first stage .. The glass will be at 1200 deg centigrade. he keeps rotating until certain time and strats blowing ..

This is the second stage where he is making the shape and opening the top portion..

This is the final shape.. Amazingly the shape turned into this one when he rotates the blowing pipe in a weired manner..

Cool art .. I was amazed..


satishds said...

super museum...yenenakko museum madthare alappa

Sri said...

Cool glass art...I loved the Indian art work - there is no comparison to others here!

Kishan said...

yeaah! glass works are amazing...and so is is the process of making it...

what else kar?

Prathibimba said...

I knew about this man.. I shd have gone there but we were pressed for time. I was in NYC and Buffalo and Niagara Falls for a Week during the long weekend. Feel sad to have missed this

niki yokota said...

wallpaper!? looks awesome!!!!

Madhooo said...

Nice photos:)

Raghu said...

Awesome Pics!!