Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Capturing Spider

Oh! man it is so very difficult to capture the spider and its web. Auto Focus does not work on web, because of its tiny nature. Background is again very important as the wen threads can be very thin. This morning while walking in the park I noticed few webs which attracted me. I cut short my walking and went back home to get my camera to shoot them. Here are some trials. Please comment.



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Sri said...

No doubt about the picture quality, but you must choose to pick the best content - this spider doesn't impress! Keep at it :)

Karthik said...

Sri, you are right.. Subject itself was not clean. I keep looking for good spider and its web :).

Shashi said...

Good attempt!! You need to use manual focus. Increase 'F' number if you want more depth of field. But nothing matches a macro lens..

Karthik said...

Shashi: I used manual focus only and aperture was f/4.5.

I dont have a macro lens yet :)