Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 4 and 5 - Colombo

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The Colonial Hotel Mount Lavinia

Mt Lavinia is one of the best Hotels I have ever stayed. It has got 200 years of history. Excellent colonial beach hotel. The ambience make you feel pampered. We got the room in ground floor just beside the roaring sea shore. It was most exciting part of our stay.

4th day morning we got early in the morning and visited beach which was near to our room. There is a direct entry through a small gate. That part of beach was very ugly. But in the evening we asked the room boy who took us to an excellent place, which was private beach for Mt. Lavinia. It was as if we were in some dream. Only two of us were there and the breeze and sunset was great. It was very cloudy that evening and could not watch very good sunset. However we enjoyed.


Next day morning we went for city tour of Colombo. We just skimmed through all the places in car and visited a Hindu and a Buddhist temple. Finished lunch at an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant and did a lot of shopping in few malls and reached Airport by 4 PM. Our flight was scheduled for 6:30 PM. Till we reached Airport our trip did not have any problems.


Flight delay

Problems started after reaching airport. We saw that display board and realized that Bangalore flight is delayed until 11:10 PM. It was almost 5 Hr delay. We had to stay back in Airport itself. They provided dinner and we waited playing some dumb charades. By the boarding time we were dead tired

Business Class Upgrade

During boarding another funny thing happened. The lady at the counter just asked whether it was 2 of us. We told yea!!. She congratulated and told that as there was 2 seats empty in business class they have selected us for upgrading our seats to Business Class. We thought we had some luck :)

Baggage exchange

As I told, we were dead tired already. As we were in Business class out immigration and customs happened without any delay. It was already 12:30 AM by the time our baggage started to come. We had checked in 2 bags. We got them and ran to BMTC bus station and found the last bus was just waiting for us. We boarded and sat down as if we achieved something. By the time we reached Hebbal we got a phone call from co-passenger saying that we had actually taken his baggage. Oh! Man we realized both of the bags were so very identical we had done big MISTAKE. He was furious on us as well as on Airlines. I convinced him saying that I would drop the bag to his place, the next morning. He was not ready for that. He wanted it right away. I asked him where he stays and found that was Vijayanagar, which is really not too far from my house. We fixed a place at Vijayanagar and I reached home and rested for 15 min and took out my car to exchange the bags. By the time we went to bed, it was almost 3:30 AM.


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Shashi said...

Hmm... ond tara TV serial tara ittu kaNo. Ninna luggage exchange pajeeti keLi ayyo paapa annisitu. Lucky you, you got a business class upgrade!! Nangu ond sala Lufthansa_nalli sikkittu sakat maja irutte..