Friday, November 28, 2008

Managing your shots..

I was always wondering how great photographers manage their huge number of digital photos. How do they pick "The-one-great-shot" they captured on "The-one-great-moment". How do they group all similar photos together. How do they gather all extreme statistics.

In the same lines I was reading this article in DPS. I was really inspired by this article and started using Light Room 2.1 from Adobe.  It has all that you want and would expect in a photo management tool. I can tag them, give captions, sort based on tens of meta data information. Group similar photos. All that I can do pretty fast.

Now, more or less I have built my basic catalog. I was really worried to see that I have got more than 13,000 photos (Not everything is my shot anyway). I could tag more or less everything and indexes have been built. I can now search based on content/ focal length/ aperture/ lens/ camera/ date/ tags/ treatment/ exposure settings/ flash status etc..

Light room also integrates seamlessly with PS4, that makes my life still more easier for editing my shots.

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Licensed softwre idya guru?