Sunday, May 03, 2009

Trip to Yercaud

The plan:
Last month Shilpa, Sowmya and I were thinking that we need to go somewhere out, excluding all yelders. We thought May 1 and 2nd would be ideal. Then we decided upon place as Yercaud, which is around 200 KM from Bangalore near Salem.

Yercaud is a Hill Town and there are few places on the top of the hill including a Botanical Garden, Lake and boating, Ladies seat a view point to see lit Salem city in the evening, Killiyur Waterfalls, Pagoda point, Sheravarayan temple etc. 2 days would be more than sufficient for it. We decided to start on early morning of 1st May and come back by 2nd evening

The accomodation:
After few hours of browsing we got to know that Hotel Shevaroys is good and within the budget. We called tham immediately and blocked 2 rooms for triple occupancy. It costed Rs. 1500 per room

The Team:
Shilpa, Gowri - My nieces, Yashu - Bhargav - My nephews, Thimmi and I

The carrier:
My elder sister had recently baught Toyota Innova, we decided to take that. But due to elders insistance, we also decide to take Manju, driver as well.

As planned we started at around 6 AM. We drove at a decent speed and took a lot of break on the way and enjoyed a lot. Few pics on the way

Stopped at A2B near Hosur and had delicious break fast and played kids games.

We reached Yercaud and checked into Hotel Shevroy. The hotel is very big and decent enough. Loved few architectral points.

After noon we went to the restaurant and found that its crowded like crazy. We went out and had a buffet lunch. Later we went to boating and found even that was crowded like hell. Where ever we went we could see only people. It was May day, and many people had long weekend and planned there. We never felt that we are outside Bangalore and never felt we have come for a trip. It was really awkward for us. We visited Ladies seat and enjoyed a bit by seeing monkeys over there. The view was good from there but again crowd put us down

Next day morning we found a portrait painter and Shilpa, Gowri and Sowmya posed for portrait painting.

Then we went for boating, and today crowd was reduced to half and we enjoyed peddling the boat

The we visited a temple called Shervarayan temple which was also a peak point. But there was lot of crowd and could not go inside the temple. While coming back we found many beautiful places and captured lot of pics..

While coming back to Bangalore we visited my Brother-in-law's farm house and enjoyed fire dance there.

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Sri said...

Wow, Kar, you make me jealous with every trip that you plan and accomplish.

You really rock!
Burn more roads!

ShILpZ... said...

WOW!!! Summary of d whole trip !! :)