Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lost and found

Oh my God! I don't know how to express this. My sister is a lucky ? Or Her honest trust in God ? Or really efficient police department ? What ever it is she got back her stolen car after 9 weeks

She had given complaint when an early morning theif broke into the car and stole it. Till then there was no clue where it was. It is Tata Indica car. Suddenly day before yesterday she got call from police station saying that they found a car in some other police station and asked her to go and identify. She went and identified that that's the car. Wow! Seems to be filmish right, but it just happened in my own family. We were all so happy for her

What she did during 9 weeks: She just believed in God and did not worry too much about the lost one. She followed up with police and also enquired whether insurance amount will be obtained. She found she would get 80% of insured amount. She had to wait for 3 months and get certificate from police that they could not find it, so that insurance company would make payment. Every day she used to pray God asking him to give more courage and energy to handle situations. :)

Where had actually car gone: Thief was a Kerala based muslim who had stolen many cars from bangalore and sold to an Andhra guy with AP registration and fake RC book for 2.6 lakhs. My sister had given complaint in Chennammana kere police station. Few weeks back JC nagar police station got a complaint from a priest of a temple that his Indica is been stolen. With their informers' help police could trace that car has gone to AP. While searching priest's car they my sister car in the new owner's garage. It was cleanly maintained with emision check and all the things. As it was stolen car, police had to siege the same. They could also trace the thief and as per him this car was stolen near my sister's place. JC nagar police informed Chennammana kere police regarding the same. Then these police told about my sister's complaint and tried to match the chasis number. They tried to tamper the last digit. But it was very evident that that's the car.

She will be getting the same in next 10 days after paper work. This episode really adds more trust to our police department. Kudos police

Karthik C Sunil

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