Sunday, July 03, 2011

HDD crash

I got a new Windows 7 laptop last month from office. Dell laptop with 4 GB ram and 250GB HDD and 2.8 GHz intel duo processor. Hi-fi config. Loved it.

For some reason last week, I got a weird sound while HDD was accessed. The next day it just hung. When re-booted, I got an error saying no boot device found. Alas, my HDD is gone. I lost data of almost 40 days. Some are project related and some are adya's pics. I used take back up every week with old laptop. But as this was new I had not yet started to take back up yet. Never expected such an early mess up.

Anyway, HDD has been given for data recovery, hoping I get back all lost data.

Please pray for me so that I get all Adya's pigs

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