Monday, July 23, 2012

Trip to Pondy -Planning-Part1

The plan started sometime in Jan2012. We wanted to go somewhere after Adya's birthday. Sowmya always wanted to visit Pondy. We decided the destination as Pondy. Did some research on trip advisor and found st James beach resort seemed to be good. A booked there on the month of Feb.

Unfortunately Adya fell ill few days before we should have started. I called and requested them to postpone the booking by a month. The manager told it would cost 10% of night's rent. I tried to explain the situation and at last she agreed to postpone without any extra. I had called her almost a week back.

I had booked for 2 nights

Car and route

We had decided to go in Jukka's car. Had already requested the vehicle.

Shortest Route from Bangalore to Pondy is thorough Tiruvannamalai. However roads near Tiruvannamalaiis horrible. So as per suggestion in team bhp I decided to take following route.


Even though this route is 50 km more, I thought it was better to take good roads keeping in mind that I am taking small kid.

Places in Pondy
After quick research following the places we wanted to cover

1. As it was beach resort, I had planed to spend good amount of time in beach near resort itself. I had read Pondy city beach was horrible.
2. Pondy shopping at MG road.
3. Aurobindo ashram
4. Central park
5. Auroville

Will write more soon

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