Monday, December 10, 2012

Kalyani, my mom, my guru, my mentor

Amma, the word is as powerful as she is. She not only gave birth to me, she dedicated her entire life for mine and that of my sisters and our families.

She went through tough times on her childhood, she started to work for family at the age of 16. She started to teach, which is her favourite job. Unfortunately she could not continue her education due to family reasons.

She became teacher in one of the good schools and was enjoying her profession, till she left her job again because of family reasons.  She had married by then with kids.

She studied on her own and graduated as Hindi visharada. She also learnt astrology and had passed  examination. 
Tough time continued even later. She had to teach students at home, prepare home made food items and sold, she had to cut and stitch clothes of others for leading life.

She took providing good education for all 3 of us as challenge as she wanted us to become independent financially, socially and in all other means. She also wanted us to live in own house and so she struggled to make new home just by the time my dad retired, and she did it.

She had to get both my sisters married to good families and she struggled for that as well and completed that responsibility as well without any pointed fingers.

By the time I could take care of her she was already tired and diabetic had already weakened her. By that time she had already lost my dad as well. She was alone.

Then she got me a great wife. She knew how to handle things. She started giving me and Sowmya responsibility one after the other but still she was committed and dedicated for family. Without her advise and blessings I could not do anything, she encouraged me to build Madilu, without her I would have sold the plot. After Adya's advent, she started to enjoy life. She used to play with her. Adya loved her ajji too. Daily she used to ask whether or not she took her tablets.

By pulling heavy cart of family on rough roads she never forgot her social responsibility. She taught many of her students many of spiritual works. She wrote a book on Lalitha sahasra nama. All the books got sold out and still more requirements. As an astrologer she helped many people in their lives. As a counsellor she helped many demotivated souls, many came to her to discuss their problem.

On the festival day of her beloved Godess, Lalitha parameshwari she decided to take a leave. The leave that one cannot imagine, in front of all her beloved students, in front of all her children, in front of her beloved Goddess Lalitha. The leave that took place, 5 min before which the entire home was in celebrating mood.

I know Amma, you were tired. But we still need you, I know you will always be  within us and helping us in each step we keep. Every moment we think, that if Amma was there what she would have done , what she would have suggested. Your memory is our life now, your life is guide for us.

Amma, you did not give any chance for us to pay back, until the last breath you ran  show on your own. Please give us the courage of leading life with such bravery, kindness, tolerance, intellect and thoughtfulness, that you adopted in your life. 


gowri said...

very inspiring maama:)i loved it:) miss you ajji:(

ShILpZ... said...

Just wanna keep reading it again n again! Just means so much :'(:'(♥

Krish said...

Dear Karthik, she was truly an amazing person as well as a fantastic mother & gramdmother. I will not be able to comprehend your loss but I know that all she was and tried to be lives on in you, Adhya and the rest of your family. Your tribute to her is truly inspiring and a heartfelt dedication of gratitude and love from a son to his mother.

Praveen said...

Hi Karthik,

This is so nice article you have written..... 'Amma' is truely a godess.... i am very sorry for the 'Leave' she has taken. Your tribute to her is so good. This is the best tribute that i have seen a son has given to his mother. You have so much of gratitude towards her.
Thanks for sharing this.

Sridhar Machani said...

Kar, hope she R.I.P. and keeps guiding you all the way ahead. God bless!

Pooja Kishore said...

wow!!!what a strong personality she was....for me DODDAMA's classes were one of best things which happened in my life...which reallyy helped me to see life in an diffrent way...(through the knowledege of spirituality)...i thank God for giving me this oppurtunity to be her student for a year ...and of course thanks to the Knowdlege power house OUR DODAMMA...

Yaaktun said...

Suni ninaa bhavanene namma bhavane. Let us pray that her guiding light will lead us in the path of life