Saturday, January 29, 2005

Desire and Expectation

Hmm.. Welcome back to Bloggers world Karthik....
Uffffff it was really hectic week... Loads of work...

Some days back Sachin, a colleague of mine and I were having another tea-time dicussion. During ythe course of conversation he told "Expectation is root cause of Misery" and he related that to one of the Kannada saying --> " aaseyE dukhakke moola", which translates to " Desire is root cause of Misery " . Then started our actual debate..

Sachin says --> Desire and Expectations are same..
Karthik says--> No they are different, however they might be related..

Sachin thinks for a while and says --> hmm.. may be you are right..

Sachin tries to relate them --> When ever you have desire, you have some expectations..
Sachin relates them with another exmple --> Airplane and Its wings.. where Airplane is mapped to Desire and Baggage is to Expectation.

Karthik gives an example contradicting Sachin's statement--> My desire is to get married with Aishwarya Rai.. but I dont expect that to happen..

Sachin thinks again ang gives another Ex: --> Airplane and Baggage. Airplane is mapped to Desire and Baggage to Expectation.. Airplane can contain a Baggage but Baggage can exist without Airplane also.. So they are related in a very loose manner..

What do you think .. ??


niki yokota said...

wb!! desire w Aish..?? hahahaha(^o^);; but u might expect to marry someone looks like her! related a bit, isnt it?? good luck, karthik-ji!

Vc said...

Yappa .. devru.. you guys need a vacation.. you are working too hard..