Sunday, January 09, 2005


Originally uploaded by Karthik1.
This is another great pic by Niranjan Sant sent by my frnd, Gautham.

Monday, January 03,
Crested Hawk Eagle with Grey Jungle Fowl - female in its talons. Full frame.
Shot last week at Bandipur by Niranjan Sant, he was staying at Jungle Resorts.
Few Pairs of CH-Eagles and CS-eagles are nesting in Bandipur now.


niki yokota said...

whoa!! look soo professional... and more scary than my cats :)) next time u go to jungle, karthik-ji!!! this is fun!

Karthik said...


I am very interested too.. Lemme buy a Tripod first :)

anoojna said...

kartik, bEga neenu iMta pic na shot hoDi

Karthik said...

Jyot.. Thanks ... hoDeeteeni .. ee pic gaLu nage spoorthi