Thursday, April 21, 2005

bad start

Hi Blog how are u ??

u know what mor morning (encouraged by beL beLigge) ... sister told that we go to Canara Bank to transfer our accounts from Wilson Garden branch to Kamakya Branch. We were ready with all the forms and all.. There are 4 accounts.. Jukka's, Bhava's, mine and amma's. I had missed PAN, They wanted PAN xerox.... Amma had missed 2 sigatures.. Thut... kelsa aaglilla Blog..

Adoo alde.. ivattu swalpa tale nOyta ide... yaako gottlla..

sari matte bareeteenapa... matte innEn samachara? Who and all had come .. I think VC, Jyothi, Kiran were here.. Who else were there... Please convey my regards blog.. Matte sigla...



Manjesh said...

jus just like that (as in sum sumne) I visited ur blog.
FYI ninna blog sariyaagi sniff maaDlilla ansutte... naanu bandidde :D

Shashi said...

Blog_ge negaDi bandide ansutte. blog_ge nannu bandiddu gottaglilla;-)

niki yokota said...

????? i visted ur blog too.
but wat ru saying?? matte means wait in japan (^-^);;