Monday, April 25, 2005

yappa sakkattu

Hi Blog how are you ???
It was inter department circket match in Siemens. Sowmya was also in the team. Eventhough she was reluctant to play.. her team mates compelled her to play. Anyway.. she scored none but was not out.. She was the only not out player in her team. Hmmm...

Here are some interesting photos..

Mam Getting ready
Mam Getting ready

Mam at crease
What a shot

Welcome back to pevillion
Welcome back pevillion

Whole Crew
From Left Standing: Girish, Vinod the Leader, Ganesh (behind Vinod), Sudheer, Kiran ( Sitting in front ), Gajendra ( Half seen sitting blue shirt), Pramod (with a doll ), Sowmya ( Half seen) , Dinesh (heroic pose), Small boy

Whole Crew


Vc said...

yaro eddu local Vinod ?

Karthik said...

enu nin hesranna Copy right maaaDideeya ?

Vc said...

che che.. hagennu ellapa..