Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bad things..

My close friend Anil, aks MS lost his father on last Tuesday .. He was 62, and was diabetic.. and was heart patient. But it was unexpected. He could not take it so easily. He was all set to fly to Singapore for is Maters. His father was backbone to his family.. He was in panic state. Was very tough for us to console him..

Last Thursday my mother suddenly felt very sick. She had some breathing problem. We took her immediately to the hospital.. After all the medications and hospitalizations she is alright now.. Little bit tired. After the investgations we found that she is having a slight heart problem. Doc has started medications for that. Thanks to Dr. Jayaprakash, who took all the pains to investigate and treated her at 11:30 PM. She is discharched from hospital on Friday. I was home all the day taking care of her.. I pray God, that everything goes fine and she gets well soon...

Being at home.. I am watching one of the all time hits of Dr. Rajkumar, Gandhada Gudi .. What a wonderful effort by the whole crew.. I love this movie.. Now listeing to famous song naavaaduva nudiye kannada nudi ..

Other lovely songs are

elloo hogalla maama


arare gini raama

catch u later ...


niki yokota said...

oh nooo! im very sorry to hear that(>_<) my prayers are with u. get well soon!!!

Manjesh said...

may his soul RIP :(

lO, ammanna hushaaraagi noDko. ammana jote tumba time spend maaDu :)