Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Karthik Where are u .........

Hey folks, How are u ?? After a long time I am posting ..

What had happened ?

Actually nothing .. I was working on one of the projects which was running from SAP Labs, ITPL.
ITPL is almost out of Bangalore.. around 30KM from my place. It was too hectic project for 10 days.. I could not even view my blog. Uff... its over... I am glad.

Weekend Adventure
Sowmya and I wanted to visit Neeladri some time back, if u remember I had posted in Blog also. Alas it was permanently closed. So this weekend we planned to goto Fun world, an amusement park, which is in Palace Grounds. Enjoyed some 5 rides, including Dashing Car, Roller Coaster, Giant wheel, Columbus and another called Octopus. Sowmya got lil hurt in Dashing car and Roller Coaster.

Chalo I blog regularly from now .. 0-)


Manjesh said...

welcome byak!!!
naanu swalpa dina hiding.ge hogbiTTidde. nimma maneyinda ITPL.ge hogakke ondu dina full beku. yakkamakka traffic.

adventure andre saNNa puTTa gaayagaLige care maDbaardu :)

Kishan said...

Barappa ! Baa!

Nanna Blog GuruGalu abscond agiddhralla antha yOchane madtha iddhe...swalpa blogisi...

anoojna said...

welcome back karthik,

somya hEgidaaLE eega ?

anoojna said...

welcome back karthik,

somya hEgidaaLE eega ?