Monday, November 21, 2005

First Deepavali

I know its long time since deepavali festival.. But I still wanted to blog about it.. I was so busy all these days.. and even now that I am unable to give much time for blogging..

This was first deepavali for Sowmya and I after marriage. Usually first deepavali is celebrated at in-law's place. So my FIT had invited all of us, including my sisters' family to his place on Naraka Chaturdashi that was on 31st Oct. All went very fine..

Deepavali is 3 day Festival, First day is called Naraka Chaturdashi, Second day is called Lakshmi Pooja and Third day is Bali Padyami, but for us first and last is very important.

All the three days Sow and I stayed at their place itself. Another good thing is Sunil (Sow'a Bro) had come from London.. We spent almost whole 2nd day with London stories, Photos, Video etc.. We also had been to Jogi film on that day... It was ok kind of movie.. Not that great..

3rd Day was fun.. Too many relatives had come to in-law's place. Had great fun playing housie (Tambola) ... Good food...

Sowmya's grand pa is 92.. He is very fond of photos. Here are some samples :)





Evening we spent some time in blasting crackers ... It was total fun .. :)


Prashanth M said...

Oho!! modalanE deepaavaLi aNNavaraddu!!
enu full maja maaDiddO... good, good :)

Kishan said...

cool Kano!
Best Wishes to you ALl

satishds said...

sowmya's grandpa is soo cute maga.

Manjesh said...

lol... tAta haakiro t-shirt jhing chak aagide :)

Archana said...

I love that T-shirt....!!

niki yokota said...

oh god!! he looks sooo young for his age(^o^)
and nice photo of u and ur wife and relatives!!!!!!!

Shashi said...

Kar, Belated First Deepavali wishes kaNo.