Thursday, November 17, 2005

Things to Blog .. In Queue

Looong time I blogged ... I need to blog so many things.. Just wanted to list them so that I dont miss any

1. Deepavali @ Mavana mane
2. Kodai Trip
3. Drive to Sriranga Pattana
4. IBM Team outing in next week
5. Planned events in IBM Outing
6. Tulasi habba, Utthana Dwadashi

I will take one by one and blog them ok ???


satishds said...

magane neevu IBM nalli baaari maja madthira kanro

niki yokota said...

awwww~ soo many things to blog!!(^o^);;;
i wonder how long it will take to blog all 6!?????
take it easy karthik-chan!!

enigma said...

Good Idea to list them out... shld learn this! Post them soon!