Wednesday, May 16, 2007

IBM vs Systech

Hi all,

After a long stay in IBM for five and a half years, I finally decided to quit and join a smaller organization. IBM was my first company. It made me a professional from student. I learnt lot of things from IBM. It was very difficult for me to take a decision, as IBM was stable, no risk, my work was good and it was flexible. But thinking "Comfirm Zone" and my career options I ahd to make my mind and I did. I put my papers around first week of April and stayed in IBM till 10th May. Joined ACS-Systech Integrators from 14th May.

Systech is a very small, young, dynamic, energetic and aggresive company. It has around 200 employees in India. It would be very challenging for me to take up oppertunities here and meet the expectations. You believe it or not, Paper work was over in 3-4 Hrs and we were introduced VP and other managers. I was given a seat and a laptop on Day 1. In IBM it would have taken at least 15 days ! I was given my project on Day 2 and was asked to start work on some presentation next week. Oh my God never seen thigns happening so fast before. People are filled with "Josh" here. Sometimes it scares me. But I need to take up the fact and go forward.

Post more about it later.

PS: I need to post my Trips to Trivandrum - Kadalateeram and Kemmannugundi

Catch you soon.. Hope to continue blogging more frequently


Prashanth M said...

welcome back sir... and all the best with your new job...

Manjesh said...

good decision man...saNNa companygaLalli heccu exposure irutte.

Sri said...

Good, things are happening fast enough!

Shashi said...

Hey Kar, All the best in your new co.