Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kadaltheeram Beach Resort

-- Continued from Previous Post

We reached Kadaltheeram Resort at around 4PM on Friday, 09 Feb 07. We were dead tired of taking 2 different buses from Trivandrum. We ordered food for lunch and found the room for rest. By first look, the resort is amazingly beautiful and roaring waves of Arabian sea was audible to the room. Its 100 mts from room to the beach, never had seen such a beautiful place in my life.

All our tiredness was gone in few minutes and finishing our lunch we started enjoying the sunset like never before. Beach of Edava was a kind of private beach and other than we two I could npt see any one else.

Sky was very clear and we enjoyed Sunset. we played a lot with the beach sand and it was very very romantic.

The restaurant was good and most of the workers were from Mysore and we found them very friendly, we could converse with them in Kannada.
We were very happy to hear kannada even after going so long and remote. Food was also very nice. After the beach play, we came back to restaurant to have some resfreshment, we also got the signal to call our homes.
It was really REMOTE. Real cut from busy life. Wah! superb.
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Sri said...

Nice plan and cool snaps...my favorite is SOWMYA written on sand. Lo, how did you get a lonely beach at Sunset? Feels like heaven!

Karthik said...

Thats the most beautiful part of it.. Make it a point to go there as one of your honeymoons. Amazing place.. Its remote.. and very romantic.

About sand writing: Yes I was very excited when I wrote that and I was literally about 300 mts away from the place where Sowmya is standing and about 10 mtr up the cliff. Thats why I could such a nice elevation.. There were literally no on the beach side. but on the other side many villager were there. So it was not so deserted as well.

You know what, after our recommendation even my Roopakka sister went there with Family :-)