Friday, June 08, 2007

Around Kanyakumari - Sucheendram and Thirparappu Water Falls

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Monday early in the morning, after watching the Sunrise, we had got ready by around 10 AM and visited Devi temple again. It was very beautiful. Finished our breakfast and looking some way planning the rest of the day. At this time, an auto driver approached us and offered to take us around Kanyakumari. I had in mind to visit, Sucheendram temple, Thirparappu and Nagercoil temple. He asked Rs. 1000.. Oh my God. It was very costly for an Auto. But I never expected, that I can cover all these places in Auto rickshaw. I always had in mind to take the a taxi, which would have costed me around Rs. 2000/-. Thanks to Auto driver for the idea.

So, started negotiation, and he came down and we fixed for Rs. 600 for the entire days' program.

First of all we went to Sucheendram. The temple of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Very big temple. You also find very big idol of Hanuman.

From there, we started to Thirparappu water falls, on the way our driver took us to a bridge, which is used to carry river water from village to another. Amazing idea and superb construction. Look at the pics.

We had some snacks and juice and started towards falls. This falls was not so huge, but the water force was too much. We enjoyed there for about an hour and headed towards Nagercoil.

Visited nagar temple and it was also very calm and beautiful. Came back to Kanyakumari at around 5 in the evening.

It was very successful trip for us, it went very well according to our plans. :-)

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Jennifer said...

karthik, hey thanks for posting this.. i am trying to write a long overdue diary post of our trip to this place for my own blog and had a question for you on the suchindram temple as well as the waterfalls.. which we have not seen and other question.. pls email me at jenkumar at gmail dot com. nandri