Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire – A Review

With a lot of hype created, we saw this movie this weekend. The tone of my review would have been entirely different if Danny Boyle had not shown India with such disgusting manner.  I can’t deny that he has shown truth, but there was no necessity to picturize and highlight India in that crude way. He shows how beggars are made from street kids, how they steal footwears and other stuffs from tourist places. My point is, there was no relevance for such scenes in context of the story at all. On the other hand there is no single positive feature shown on our society. I felt as if, this guy’s objective was to show dark face of our country and he had knitted the story around it.

Observe the following situation and dialog sequence:

A tourist (American) comes to visit Dhobi ghat. By the time drives escorts them back some mischief kids would have stolen the tyres and car driver finds on kid and beats him horribly. The crying kid begs in front of foreign tourist saying this is “True India” and tourist says now we show how True Americans behave and gives him $ 100 bill. What the heck.

This being directed by a Hollywood director and gathered such a hype would be watched by many foreign nationals. Why should they convey such an image to all of them. There is no passiveness in the movie at all. Also our kids and society also lose confidence and lose whatever pride we are having on the nation.


Phalguni A.V said...

Cant agree with you more Karthik.Unforturnately,this movie projects India in a very wrong way.Both me and my husband, could watch it beyond an hour.

satishds said...

This movie is very average. There is lot of technical flaws. I dont understand why and how it is being appreciated.

Shashi said...

This is serious. I have not watched the movie yet, but I know how it feels. Couple of months back I read The White Tiger, and felt the same. I don't know what is special in that book for a booker award. The book shows a very wrong image of India. It may be true, but there are lot of good things too.

Anonymous said...

Its a movie for God's sake. We Indians take things too seriously ,
when they made Rambo they didnt mean there exsisted a man who could fly M8 and arch explosive tipped arrows at the same time . 'imagination' ?