Thursday, January 22, 2009

Workflow for Borders and watermarks


You need to understand the basics of Actions in Photoshop (PS). Please go through the following blog post for the same

Creating a Photoshop Action

...Are you in the mood for some Action? I’m talking Photoshop Actions :) They are the perfect solution to handle tasks with one click. An Action is a recording of several Photoshop operations and commands. Once the Action is created, one click is all it takes and the task will be executed. It’s very powerful, can save you heaps of time and it’s ac...

Step 1:

Create a new Action Set of your own and create a new action within it.

Step 2: 

Record following steps in your new Action. I have named it as “Watermark_Karthik”

Step 3:

Increase the canvas by 5px width and 5px height with color as Black. Increase all sides

(Find Canvas Size from Menu -> Image -> Canvas Size)

Step 4:

Picasa Content

Increase the canvas by 5% width and 5% height with color as White. Increase all sides

Step 5:

Increase the canvas by 5% height with color as White. Increase only bottom part. We can add text here.

Step 6:

Increase the canvas by 10px width and 10px height with color as Black. Increase all sides. This would serve as final border of the image.

Step 7:

Step 8:

Select background layer and merge visible

Step 9:

The final Action should show something as below:

Step 10:

We can re-use this Action as many times as needed by click on Action tool bar (Alt + F9)

Step 11:

We can also batch edit images by selecting


Hope this tutorial helps you to create the border and a water mark

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Shashi said...

Thanks Karthik. This is really helpful. I think this is a very good way of learning PS. Keep reading and sharing articles.