Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day out to Ananda Dhama


Ananda  Dhama is just beside Sangama, near Kanakapura. Thimmi and I planned to visit this place on the weekend of 31st May 2009, to celebrate both of ours birthday. We started driving at around 8 AM and had breakfast at holiday village near Vajarahalli and moved towards Kanakapura.

There is a free Gurukul being run by Ananda Dhama and to support this they have a resort where they conduct professional team building programs and the revenue earned will be used for the maintenance of Gurukul.

Things to do at Ananda Dhama

Many team games like balancing games, gutter jump, Tarzan jump, shooting, rafting, boating, jungle trek and many more.


Including lunch, per person it costs around Rs. 750/- and need to be booked in advance.

On the way to Sangama, we see silk worm feeding wheels.. They looked very good

It was very early in the morning that we started and the road looked just beautiful
Balancing on the wooden log. It would been much nicer if we play with a team..

Tarzaan jump
Shooting … Actually her targets were better than mine

Rafting on bamboo boat
There were thousands of butterflys there

Swimming on River Kaveri


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Hari said...


Your blog was really helpfull to us ,and u ahve great pics out there..thanks for info ..keep posting such nice articles about places .. :)


Karthik said...

I am glad you liked it.


Anonymous said...

Planning a team outing to this place. Would you recommend it? What are the activities involved? There would be around 15-20 of us.

Chandra said...

NIce Photoblog....

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