Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The three mistakes of my Life – A Book Review

This is my first read of Author Chetan Bhagath. The three mistakes.. is a sequel of his famous novel One Night @ the call center.

The books starts by death notice email to the Author. He will be shocked to see this email and decides to do something about it only by the name which is quoted in the email signature. He tries to get support from his lecturer and locates this guy and flys to India from Singapore and listens to his life story. The entire story of the books is the life story of this guy, who Author meets in a hospital.

Story is about three friends one guy who is interested in Mathematics and Business only. Other guy is fond of just cricket and the last guy is son of priest at a temple. Author has beautifully depicted social problems in India. Also shows how Cricket is also a religion in India. The guy on hospital bed is the central character in the book. As such the storyline itself is very simple. And also I really did not feel author has successfully linked these 3 topics. Also the title says “3 mistakes”, Author tells these 3 mistakes, but really never felt the importance of those three mistakes.

A ok-ok read according to me.

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Sri said...

Cool, Kar - amazing to know you're getting into books these days. Usually, you start with fiction, then pick-up management books and then, think of writing them yourself!
Hopefully, you'll get there.
BTW, I recommend Michael Crichton's novels, simply because I (and Shashi) love them and think you will, too.