Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh My Blog..

I started my blog "cerebration" sometime in mid 2005. I was in the US and stayed in the remote village of Endicott. It was my first visit and was alone. To kill my loneliness I used to socialise with Kannada Friend in the US and used to converse, discuss about many things. Movies, Literature, Kannada Online radio, Kannada discussion forum. Wow! I had so much time.

During my initial days, blog posts were mostly on Kannada poems. Yes I used to write many poems. Wow! It was so nice. I also used to put lot of effort to make that poem as per chandas (Rhythm) . Another favorite topic for me to write was about my trips in the US. I used to write in for my mom, sisters. Used to paste the same on the blog

My blog started many visitors for poems as well as travel posts. I used to feel so happy to see the comments. I started tracking the visitors from Aug11th using stat counter. I get weekly updates and used to compare them with previous week an so on.

Just an analysis of yearly posts:
2009 - 35
2008 - 46
2007 - 16
2006 - 27
2005 - 115
2004 - 94

Total - 333

Recently cerebration has moved towards photography. In 2009, out of 35 posts 20 are on photography and 6 are on my trips.

I am not sure why I am writing all these things. May be I will be more regular on cerebration soon ? May be I click more and post here? May be I post more Photoshop Workflows, May be may be may be..

Keep you posted..


ವಿ.ರಾ.ಹೆ. said...
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ವಿ.ರಾ.ಹೆ. said...

hi..i m following ur blogs from 2+ years.. its interesting with so many informations, experiences and photography. keep blogging...

happy blogging..

Manasa said...

congrats... keep posting..