Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Build and Make - Experience sharing

There is a saying in Kannada - "
Mane katti nodu, maduve maadi nodu
which means, Experience building home and Perform a marriage function. Both are not-so-easy tasks in India.

I started the project of making our sweet home a few years back. Spent more than a year in search of good plot and finally got a plot in Padmanabhanagar. But I can say at that moment we had nothing in our mind regarding our home. We just bought a plot.

After around two years when our finance got little stabilized, many close relatives forced us to build a house. It took around 4 to 6 months to decide whether to build at that moment not. It's in Oct 2008, that we decided to build and make our new home.

Now that our sweet little home is almost ready, I wish to log all my experiences during making of the same. It might be useful for some of you who want to build and make your new home :)

It will be a series of posts that concentr


Anoojna said...

Yes... It is helpful to those who build houses especially in bangalore

Vinodkumar said...

Karthik..post some pictures of your home and give some tips..if you can..

Manjesh said...

wow...sakkat news! BLRnallantu eegiro rategaLalli "L" gaLu sari maadi mane kattodu hudugaata allavE alla.
maduve aitu...mane innenu mugitaa bantu..nextu? :))

Manasa said...


Kalpana said...

congratulations :-)