Monday, February 08, 2010

Services Architects offer - Build and Make Part 4

This is the fourth post of the series.. You can access the previous ones by clicking links below

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There are many services that an architect can offer to you. I think few are on-demand and few you can customize as per your requirement. Let me list down services my architect rendered.

  1. Preparing Concepts - It's nothing but your house plan. What comes where, which materials to use, and all other details
  2. Providing SOQ (Schedule of Quantities ) - Providing list of things to be done with quantities. For example - 900 cft of brick wall masonary, 1200 Sft of plastering with 1:4 mixture sponge finish, 1000 Sft of flooring with granite etc
  3. Checking the quality of the work being done - This is done at many stages. Before earth excavation checking the markings, at plinth level, at sill level, lintel level, before roofing, plastering, flooring, finishing.
  4. Providing working drawing for:
    * Masonary work
    * Structural work - Beams, Roofs, Pillars, Stairs
    * Wood work - Doors, Windows, Frames etc
    * Electrical work - Piping, Light and heat points etc
    * Plumbing work
    * Fabricating work
    * Elevation
  5. Checking the bill provided by Builder - At all stages
  6. Providing consultation/ suggestions on various approaches
  7. Providing valuable consultation on ventilation and light - Options for hot air exit, sky lights etc
Hope this helps you while discussing/ negotiating agreement with your Architect



Narendra said...

When did you start the "Builder" profession, Kartik?

Pramod said...

i think by now you would be able to plan architecture for a house yourself ...

Sohan said...

Thanks for all useful information regarding building a house.
Could you let me know contact numbers of your architect and contractor. Also if you could write a blog on your experiences during finding a plot, it will help us.